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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Idol Chatter: The guys tackle the ‘80s

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

The guys are working it, well at least most of them are. Last night, it was guys’ night and ‘80s night all rolled into one.

Lets just start off by saying "Those guys are good!"

With the exception of a couple, the guys were smoking. And we mean smoking. Michael Johns, David Hernandez, Jason Castro and the top performer of the night, David Cook, were all on fire.

Unfortunately, Luke Menard did not impress us. He was a little too George Michael for our tastes. Danny Noriega, was a bit too sassy to our Simon. And Chikeze failed to impress us, just a bad song choice on his end. And while we do agree that David Archuletta is talented and does sing well, he is just plain boring.

Luke will definitely hit the road. But as to who will accompany him, we aren't sure. It should be Danny, but he seems to have a bit of a cult following. Of course you never know with this show. We will say though, that after this week, it will be hard to pick because the majority of them are so talented.

The girls have huge shoes to fill tonight. We aren't sure if they are up to it though. We are thinking that this might be a guy’s year on Idol.

We will have the ladies recap tomorrow.


Mason said...

They definitely upped the competition last night. I loved them all! Of course, I love the music of the 80s.

bethany said...

Me Too!!! But I am a child of the Eighties!! The guys were great last night!

Becky said...

David rocked!

#1 idol fan in WV said...

I agree, I think it will be a guys win this year on the show. And rightly so, the guys are so much more charismatic than the ladies!

I loved David's performance too!

Anonymous said...

Girls? There are girls in this competition? Who knew.

Can we please be straight (something hard to do with this femme group of boyz): Michael Johns has not had ONE good performance since his Boehemian Rhapsody audition. He screams/shouts every song--completely "pitchy", as Randy would say ad nauseum this season. He's coasting on his looks, but he needs to go.

Archuleta stumbled Tuesday, but he has the screaming mimi phone voters in his back pocket. It's up to the rest of us sane U.S. Americans to ensure that Jason Castro gets the votes he needs and deserves.

Becky said...

I disagree Michael should saty at least to the top 6 and I think he will.

David Archuletta is who needs to go.

Of course I am all about David Cook now!

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