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Monday, March 31, 2008

Friday Night Lights renewal a done deal says cast member

Although NBC has not released an official statement yet, Friday Night Lights cast member Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor) has said that a deal to renew the show for a third season is in place.

Chandler was a guest on NPR’s Fresh Air and broke the news there.

NBC is expected to make the announcement official on Wednesday, in New York, during their new schedule presentation, according to E!Online.

From the hordes of e-mails I’ve received from nervous fans waiting to hear the fate of Lights, I know that many of you are doing the happy dance right now. Don’t worry; there’s no shame. I’m right there with you.

And kudos to all of the Friday Night Lights fans that mounted the fan campaign to “keep the lights on,” despite a certain someone’s comment that we should all just watch 30 Rock. (Yes, Ben Silverman, I’m talking to you.) No, I’m not bitter.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Best news ever! Thanks.

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