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Friday, March 07, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: Lost redux - the Jacket Kiss

by Ashley Gouveia

Last night’s Lost felt like an hour with the ghosts of Others’ past. First, it was Tom, and then it was Goodwin. Remember the guy that Ana Lucia killed? Turns out he was married to a woman named Harper, the Others’ own resident therapist. Like Juliet said, “It’s stressful being an Other.” Then we found out that Goodwin was having an affair with the baby doctor, much to Ben’s annoyance.

Since this was a Juliet-centric episode we got to see a lot of Elizabeth Mitchell. She is such an amazing actress. It’s always great to get to know more about her character. I just wish we got a little more than we did. We found out that she had an affair with Goodwin and that Ben has a freaky crush/obsession with her. I kind of already guessed that one. The question is why? Who was the ‘her’ that Harper was referring to when she was saying who Juliet looked like?

Ben just keeps getting more and more creepy. That scene when he brought Juliet to Goodwin’s dead body displayed it. One minute he’s yelling at her saying that she belongs to him, the next he’s calm, cool and collected and telling her to take her time with the body. If you look at Ben, he doesn’t seem like a threatening guy, but it’s not his physical appearance that freaks people out. It’s the way he looks at you like he knows your every thought. Of course, he uses that to his advantage, much like he is doing with Locke.

The newbies, Dan and Charlotte, made a run to ‘The Tempest’ to apparently disarm a deadly gas Ben could use to kill the people on the island. I still don’t get why these people are on the island in the first place. According to Ben, the person running their boat is Charles Whitmore, Penny’s father, and he wants to exploit the island. But do I really want to believe anything Ben says? Not really. There’s always more to the story.

After Dan stopped the gas and all was resolved, Juliet told Jack that he shouldn’t be around her because Ben thinks that she’s his. Then they shared a kiss, which I’m sure left Jacket fans were rejoicing everywhere.

This was a heavily dramatic episode, but I can always count on Sawyer and Hurley for dishing out some comic relief in the last moments. When they were playing horseshoes and Ben walked past them, without a care in the world, carrying sheets and telling them he’d see them at dinner. The look on Sawyer’s face was priceless. It was like, ‘What the ?’ Too funny.

Next week, we will know who the complete Oceanic Six are. I think I know who the man on the freighter is that’s working for Ben. I’m super excited about it! What was your take on last night’s Lost? Weigh in with your thoughts. ‘Till next week.

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Tim said...


Who do you think Ben's guy on the boat is? And who do you think the Six are?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Desmond and Sawyer!

Tim said...

We know that Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid made it off. We also know that Aaron made it off because that was the child at Kate's house. So there are five survivors. Desmond wouldn't count because he wasn't on the Oceanic flight. Neither was Ben. So there is still a sixth survivor that makes it off.

Sawyer? Locke? Any guesses? I'm still waiting on your predictions, Ashley.

ashley said...

tim, I have a feeling that Ben's guy on the boat is Michael. I might be wrong but it would be awesome to see Michael and Walt again.
As for the Oceanic six, my predictions are: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Jin and Locke.

I would hope Desmond, but does he count because he wasn't on the manifest? Same thing goes for Ben.
I don't think Sawyer will make it off the island. But i wonder what will happen to Bernard, Rose, Claire and Sun. Hmm..interesting.

tube talk girl said...

I volunteer to rescue Sawyer! He must make it off the island. The world would be a boring place without him.

I think you may be on to something about Michael as the "guy on the boat."

Tim, we don't know that Kate's Aaron is Claire's Aaron, do we? I'm a week behind, but just because they have the same name, I'm not sure we can assume that. This is Lost after all!

ashley said...

you're right Jen. We really shouldn't assume anything when it comes to Lost. But the baby was blonde just like Mama Claire...i don't know.

i hope Sawyer makes it off the island too. It's just weird how there hasn't been any mention of him in the flashforwards.

Tim said...

Maybe Sawyer is the dead guy in the funeral home that Jack went to see. Not to be a downer for all of you ladies who love you some Sawyer, but I guess it's possible. We do know that somebody from the island was in that casket, and it was a guy.

I do think Kate's Aaron is Claire's Aaron. And I'm sure there is a story as to why. Also, Ashley, Ilike your Michael theory. I'm actually hoping that's who it is.

ashley said...

Maybe the guy in the casket was/is (these tenses get more confusing w/ time travel,lol) Locke, maybe. That's why Kate said she didn't want to be at the funeral. Jack made a complete 180 and now thinks the way Locke did about staying on the island. The person also had no family...i'm just throwing that out there.

We should know for sure who the six are this week.
tim, i hope it's Michael too!

tube talk girl said...

My money is on Locke as the corpse. After all of his alleged treachery and kniving people in the back, literally, I don't blame Kate for wanting to skip the wake, if it is him.

I am worried about my Sawyer getting off the island. Mock if you must.

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