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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Idol Chatter: Good-bye Chikezie

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

Well, we knew Chikezie wouldn't last much longer. And while it was sad to see him go and he kind of got robbed of at least being in the top eight, he did have a good run. We think that there are only positive things in his future. He is such a nice guy. Good Luck Chikezie! OK, moving on.

Do you think Brooke White is getting tired of seeing her flub over and over again? At least she is graceful about the whole thing. And are we the only women out there that think David Cook is totally hot? Who cares if he is a man-diva!

We are wondering if Simon has caught on to all the gossip about David Archuletta's dad being a bulldog stage dad. The comment about him picking that song out himself seemed to hit home, and we agree. Why would a 17 year old pick "You’re the Voice?” He was born in 1990, so he had numerous song choices, though we can't see him singing "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe or "Cradle of Love" by Billy Idol, so maybe he chose just about as good as he could have.

One last thought before we sign off for the week. We just can't seem to understand why people are keeping Kristy Lee Cook and Ramiele around. We haven't picked on Ramiele too much, but she just seems to have this doom-of-gloom cloud hanging over her head. Come on, show some excitement for once! It has gotta be that crummy site that wants you to vote for the worst contestant that is keeping Kristy on the show. Maybe next week, we can kiss her good-bye.

Until next week...


tube talk girl said...

Question for you ladies...I just watched Brooke's flub and her song. I've only seen a couple performances from her, but she seems to always choose the same type of music. Is that correct? Has she done anything upbeat?

I thought her song was good, other than the beginning mess up, so I didn't quite understand their criticism about the band coming in.

And when the guy broke out into Billie Jean, well, I was screaming in horror "No, don't do it!" But, wow, he really nailed it.

Bec said...

David's performance of Billie Jean was so good!

She did something upbeat last weak and they criticized her for it. She sang "Your so vain" by Carly Simon a few weeks ago, and did an excellent job of it.

I like her.


Jeff T said...


bethany said...

Lets not forget the Here Comes the Sun mess! Brooke needs to stick to ballads. Go EERS!

bethany said...

Lets not forget the Here Comes the Sun mess! Brooke needs to stick to ballads. Go EERS!

tara said...

At least she is cheerful, i agree with you guys ramiele is about as cheerful as a piece of gravel. What is with her anyway?

Bec said...

I think maybe Ramiele is just depressed that her BFF Danny got sent home early on?

She has a beautiful voice, but lacks a personality.

Roca said...

I think none of it matters anymore... I mean, does anyone disagree that David Cook is the one with the biggest potential to sell records, while Carly and Brooke the ones that will probably do best with the critics?

Archuleta may have a good voice but he does not have yet what it takes to handle the popularity he is getting and become a star, I mean, the kid is still worried about Prom!

David Cook, Carly and Brooke will probably sail on to become great artists in their own niches even if neither wins the competition.

All the rest is just a popularity contest.

Bec said...

roca, the whole thing is a popularity contest, as much as I would like it to be about actual talent it isn't.

I pity his date for prom.

Roca said...
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Roca said...

Lol.... poor guy, Ryan did a very nice job embarrassing him and the girl in the audience!!

Bec said...

the girl in the audience looked like she wanted to crawl under her seat!

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