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Friday, March 14, 2008

Commentary With a Co-ed: Pete Ross returns to Smallville

by Ashley Gouveia

Last night, Pete Ross returned to Smallville, and massive product placement reared its not-so subtle head. (Hey, do you think Stride gum was a sponsor?)

When I heard that Pete was making his comeback for the first time since season three, I was thrilled. Of course, I was under the assumption that we were going to get tons of scenes with the old Torch gang back together. Nope, not a single one. I was holding out hope for Clark, Chloe, and Pete to have at least a farewell moment, but it never came. That was disappointing, to say the least.

I didn’t think it was going to be all hugs all the time, but because of the kryptonite-laced gum (was this a recycled season one plot?) Pete was pretty much awful to Clark. I guess I had expected him to return with a more meaningful purpose. I did like that Pete still had hostility toward Lionel and Lex. Apparently, Clark and Lana don’t hold any bad feelings toward Luthor, Sr, or he wouldn’t have been sitting in Clark’s kitchen having a cup of coffee, with Lana of all people.

There wasn’t a lot of Chloe in this episode, which was a little odd. I liked that she had a verbal sparring match with Lex in the Daily Planet office. Every time we get to see Chloe at the Daily Planet in reporter mode is a great thing. Allison Mack and Michael Rosenbaum always have top-notch scenes together. (Hear that CW?)

Kara still had amnesia and forgot that she was crushin’ on Jimmy. I had thought that there was still some sparkage in the opening concert scene. But Kara seemed to have Lex on the brain. He’s the only one she feels she can trust. Obviously, she has no idea what she’s doing. It also appears that Jim Bob is bored and wants Chloe back. For the love of all that is good television, please do not put those two back together!

Can someone explain to me Clark’s reasoning for not telling Kara who she really is? I don’t understand why he would take Lionel’s advice and keep it secret. Does he think she’s a flight risk (no pun intended)? With Clark not telling Kara, it’s only pushing her further toward Lex. He’s closer than ever to Clark’s secret.

Lionel’s a liar. I know, what a surprise! He had Kara’s bracelet not so safely secure in a safe, which Pete got his stretchy hands on. After that scene, the look on Clark’s face when Lionel helped him was awesome! “You and I need to talk.” Oh yeah!

Next week’s promo looked amazing! It looks like poor Clark is trapped in a kryptonite Rubik’s cube. Was that Chloe in the Fortress? I have a feeling that we are in for a memorable episode. ‘Till next week!

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tube talk girl said...

I was so disappointed with this episode, too. THis was Pete!!!! Why did the episode have to be so plot driven? I would have liked to see more character interaction between the old Torch gang, too.

I never thought Pete would be evil. Good or bad, I've missed him. And I was digging his stretch arm ability!

ashley said...

I pretty much had the same reaction to the episode as you did Jen. I wish there was more interaction between Clark, Pete and Chloe. It was severely lacking in this episode. I know a lot of the is setting up for the next 2 eps but I wanted to see more reminiscing about the old days.

Lex was deliciouly evil in this episode though. When he was breaking poor Pete's arms..yikes!

wwg said...

What a waste of Pete's character. I'm mystified as to why SJIII would come back to do this.

My favorite part was the "We have to talk" line from Clark to Lionel. The look Clark gave Lionel reminded me of the look he gave him in "Mercy". Ooh, if looks could kill... oh, wait...

I absolutely loved MR in this eppy. He has that sly, evil smile. Lex should definitely smile more.

Loved your commentary, ashley!

ashley said...

Thanks wwg:) I loved that look too! I also liked the part when Kara asks to move in with Lex. One, because Kara is completely oblivious to what she just got herself into. Two, because, like you mentioned, MR's little smile. As he shuts the double doors of the mansion..fades to black, End of episode. That was really good!

tube talk girl said...

I loved that ending, too. I totally thought Lex was going to go in for the hug, but then he went and shut the door with that evil little grin. Priceless!

ashley said...

A lot of great SV episodes end with Lex. 'Freak' from season 6 ended w/ Lex looking at the footage of Chloe being experimented on. MR actually directed that ep too! He's just awesome.
'Lexmas' from season 5. Amazing ending when he's looking through the window and the reflection of his mother is there.

Steph in LA said...

Great commentary, Ashley!

I was so happy to see Pete, even if he was evil for a while. I loved Pete, the super hero!

How long before Lex and Kara get horizontal? Clark will lose it if that happens.

ashley said...

thanks steph:) I love Pete and it was great seing him again. I just wish it was with a better storyline.

whoa,i hope that nothing like that happens between Lex and Kara. Although, they do have some chemistry. But we really don't need another Lana.lol.

weevilswobble said...

Did we need the first Lana?

Yeah, my bitterness is showing.

ashley said...

weevilswobble, lol. It's okay, let the bitterness show!

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