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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The CW renews Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and more

The CW is sticking with several fan favorites next year. The network announced some early pickups on Monday and has renewed Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Everybody Hates Chris, America’s Next Top Model, and One Tree Hill for next season.

I’m over-the-moon that Smallville is sticking around, despite this season’s uneven performance thus far. I have faith the show will find its niche again.

But, I have to be honest. I think the One Tree Hill gang is staying a little too long at the party. Last season I raved about how good the show was. This year, it’s been almost torturous to watch, with most of my favorite “adults” no longer on the show (Whitey, Deb, Karen and Dan.) Sorry, OTH fans, but this Peyton/Lucas love story has been so overhyped as the central storyline, that I lost interest about two episodes in. Choose Lindsay already and move on!

There is no word yet on whether Aliens in America and Reaper will get another season. Stay tuned.


Tim said...

I'm pulling for Reaper, I really enjoy that show. It's guaranteed to make me laugh each week.

I'm also pretty pumped about Gossip Girl. It's no Gilmore Girls, but it has at least partially filled that void in my TV universe.


tube talk girl said...

No worries about Gossip Girl. The CW is fully backing that show.

Reaper, however,well the Devil's days may be numbered!

I haven't gotten into Gossip Girl as much as I'd hoped. I enjoyed the pilot, but it didn't become must-see-TV for me. To use your analagoy, it's no Veronica Mars!

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