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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Idol Chatter: David Hernandez is done

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

Speechless. Well, not really.

Each year, we, like many, hold out the hope that a new year will bring back the original American Idol: A show that wasn't just a popularity contest, but a singing contest as well. Unfortunately, the 2008 season doesn't seem to be panning out any different than the last couple years.

We understand that David Hernandez wouldn't have been crowned "American Idol," but in no way shape or form should he have been the one to go last night. We don't think his "OK" performance was as bad as some of the others. Did his scandalous past do him in? We doubt it. The show is a popularity contest, and shame on us for thinking that it would be any different this year.

Kristy Lee Cook had one of the worst Top 12 performances ever on American Idol. She just plain sucked. Now don't be offended by this, because deep down we all know it is true. She even knew how bad she did. And it wasn't just this week either. For the past couple weeks, she has flopped. Unless she can really up her level this week and keep the people who did vote for her calling in repeatedly, then she "should" be the one to go next.

Amanda Overmyer should have been in the bottom three this week, too. We just don't get her. She did have a strong resemblance to Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, though. Maybe that's why she stayed on.

Syesha and Ramiele both are very talented ladies, BUT unless they can stand out, their stay will be a short one, also.

We would like to see Michael Johns do another fine performance, comparable to his "Light My Fire” one from a few weeks ago. We know he has it in him to blow us away again.

Brooke White was excellent. Her rendition of "Let it Be" with the piano accompaniment was one of the best performances, and we think that she could potentially take it all, if she can keep up the good work and keep her fan support.

David Cook rocked on as usual. Though we hear he is becoming quite the diva on the Idol set. Hmmm, we hope that isn't true. Divas never do well with us.

One more note. Is it just us, or is anyone else out there tired of hearing how wonderful David Archuletta is? He obviously is not the singer everyone thought, and he is not mature enough to handle all of the fame and fortune that "could" come if the teeny boppers keep on calling in and he is crowned "Idol superstar." Some could wonder, does he really want to be a superstar, or does his dad want to be a stage dad to a superstar?

Next week will be a dull week without hunky David Hernandez there to watch. Hopefully, Kristy's "fans" will realize that she just can't cut it and will send her home. And lets pray that we don't have to sit through another Katherine McPhee performance again. All we can say about that is "no wonder her record label dropped her."

Sorry about all the bitterness folks. We will get over it shortly. Enjoy Brooke's performance of "Let it Be."


tube talk girl said...

This is one of my favorite Idol perrformanes EVER! This girl is a star. She has an INCREDIBLE voice.

Becky said...

The problem is, would the public go for it? I love her, she is simplistic and a REAL talent, but I fear that those qualities aren't what most of the public wants.

Regardless I would buy her album, I just like to listen to her.

Roca said...
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Roca said...

Yeah, I think you girls are right, after these past two weeks I have high expactations for her album, she is the true musician from this group.

On that note... I agree, this is a popularity contest and she's not going to win for sure!

tara said...

Dave didnt deserve to go home yet.
I hear he already has a record deal in the mix though.
I agree girls, it just won't be the same without Mr. Hunk.

Tim said...

Wow, girls. Why don't you get out of the Bitter Barn and play in the hay...lol.

David was not the worst this week, that's true. But he also isn't talented enough to win, so it's either this week or another. And I would hesitate on calling Mr. Lapdance hunky. His rendition of I Saw Her Standing There was only slightly more feminine than Tiffany's. :)

Two other questions: 1 - Why the hate for Kat McPhee? 2 - Where's the love for this week's other stellar performance? I agree, Brooke was awesome...but so was Carly. And those tattoos...and the legs...wow!

tube talk girl said...

You thought Carly was awesome? Really? I'll defer to you for the legs opinion, as she's not my type :) but she's such a rocker chick, I just can't see her as the Idol winner.

Brooke on the other hand. Wow. Even if she loses, which Bec and Bethany seem to think she may b/c the popularity angle, I'm certain she's going to have a career somewhere.

She's kind of got that Sheryl Crow/Stevie Nicks vibe in her voice going a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I will miss David Hernandez next week. Without hime the show does not make any sense. The rest are suck. He was the best.

Tim said...

Take the fact that I think Carly is sexy out of the equation (it's the tattoos, I can't explain it) and she's still got a great voice. She's not just a 'rocker', although she can sing rock music. She has a powerful voice. She and David C. are both very talented and could be successful recording artists, David C. probably even more so than Carly. Brooke is also very talented and could have a Sheryl Crowe-esque career.

Becky said...

Please remember Tim, one we apologized for the bitterness, we were just so hoping for a talent competition not a popularity contest this year, and we didn't think that David would make it all the way, we said several times that he wouldn't win, but his performance was 10 times better than Kristy's and Archie's last week. And I am sorry but he is hunky, there aren't too many women who wouldn't love to see him do a lap dance around here. ;)

Carly is good but Brooke is better. The crazy thing is as TTG and i were talking about before, half of the contestants have had record deals before, so it isn't like there is alot of new undeveloped talent there this year.
It is a popularity contest as always. Regardless I will root for Brooke to win. Though I am torn between David Cook and Michael Johns.

Katherine McPhee was terrible. I didn't like her when she was on the show, I didn't like her before her record label dropped her and I dont like her now. There is just something "plastic" about her.
Regardless, this week should be interesting or not we will see.

Lets just hope we swallow our bitter pill before our next column posts....

blue eyed georgia girl said...

I was bummed that david was booted so soon, yes he wasnt the "best" but he was better than some of them.

once again we have a bunch of guys voting who are only voting because someone is hot not because they are talented. Does anyone remember Haley Scarnato? Hello she was about as bad as Kristy!

Yes, I think some of the guys are good looking but if they butcher songs week after week then i dont vote for them.

bob said...

obviously Carly already tried a singing career and that flopped, i heard her record only sold 300 copies.

Idol stinks as always.

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