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Friday, March 28, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: Dissecting Smallville

by Ashley Gouveia

After last week’s episode of Smallville, the bar was set incredibly high for this one to be just as exciting. I expected a lot from this episode, especially since it was originally planned to be the season finale, before the strike was resolved. There were elements that were great (a wet James Marsters, perhaps!) and some that fell a little flat.

The first five minutes set up what the pace should have been for the entire episode. With Brainiac returning and threatening those close to Clark, there really shouldn’t have been room left for any filler scenes. When I say filler, I mean any scene with Jimmy. I guess they wanted to do the whole Lois/Jimmy team up, but I don’t think this episode called for it. Was I the only one who was annoyed by Jimmy’s comment about Chloe rushing to Clark’s side?

I enjoyed the scene where Kara was trying to get Clark to finally take the big leap and fly. I laughed when she tugged at his elbows and he was still incredibly hesitant. I wouldn’t have minded if she had just given him a little shove. It’s been seven years, and it was do or die at that point, especially after Brainiac’s threat. I still wonder if we will ever see Clark really fly. I think I would feel a little cheated if we don’t get that big moment. I’m talking big heroic save, Superman music, the whole nine yards.

The flashbacks to the ‘80s were really well done. It was nice to see young Lex again with little Ollie, Jason, and Patty in tow. I was glad that we were finally going to get some answers to Lionel’s devious past. What are his true intentions? I was never a big fan of Lionel “Mr. Nice Guy” Luthor. I was used to him being the man who constantly had the upper hand. This episode showed a completely different side to him. There must be something truly terrible coming if you get Lionel Luthor on his hands and knees. Speaking of that, how great was that scene? It was incredibly intense with Lionel trying to convince Chloe that he can be trusted. John Glover and Allison Mack were amazing!

I wasn’t shocked when Brainiac decided to brain drain Lana. However, I don’t get why Kara jumped to sacrifice herself. I don’t think Brainiac’s intention was to do that to her. He obviously needs her for something. I have no clue what that is, but I’m open for some theories. It looked like they flew into some kind of other galaxy or universe. I just want to see a lot more of James Marsters. He’s another great foe for Clark.

Lex was a man on a mission last night. He is so close to piecing together the puzzle that was his former best friend. The closer he gets to uncovering the secret, the more evil he becomes. I like it! I feel bad that the little glimmer of goodness in him is fading, but I think we’re coming to the point of no return.

Now, the final scene. I have to say that I teared up. I have come to the conclusion that I can’t see Tom Welling cry. He starts getting weepy, and then the waterworks come on for me. Chloe came into the room, and she immediately broke down seeing Clark like that. Great acting by both Tom and Allison.

Besides the Jimmy and Lois stuff, the episode was pretty good. But I think last week’s “Traveler” has my vote as the best episode so far this season. Smallville comes back on April 17th with five more episodes. I am anxious and curious to see where they go from here. Weigh in with your thoughts on the episode. Where did Kara go? Who was on the phone with Lionel before he took little Lex to Smallville for the first time? Is it just me or does it seem like Lex’s new henchwoman has a thing for him? ‘Till next week.

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tube talk girl said...

I kind of liked that Jimmy is finally realizing that Chloe is always going to be with Clark. So, I didn't mind that line. Plus, it goes toward continuing to show his jealousy of Clark and Chloe's relationship.

I hate to see the end of good Lex, too, although I know it has to happen.

As for Lana being brain dead...um, no comment. :)

ashley said...

jen, lol. You know how i feel about that one too!
I think that it just annoyed me that Jimmy said that because they supposedly got back together and he's still w/ the same jealousy. It's ok cause it shows that he realizes he can't come between Chlark.:) I just wish they would end the relationship(Jimmy&Chloe) because he obviously can't handled it.

tube talk girl said...

I'm not buying that they're back together---Chloe and Jimmy. I think they're hanging out, but I don't think they just picked up where they left off. (Of course, I could be in denial!)

ashley said...

I don't think you're in denial Jen. But if you are, I will gladly join you!
They really can't go through that relationship again.

wwg said...

Was I the only one who was annoyed by Jimmy’s comment about Chloe rushing to Clark’s side?
No you weren't. Jimmy acted really childish in that scene. On the plus side, like Jennifer said, it definitely goes to continuity for Jimmy to still be bothered by the Chlark closeness.

I wasn’t shocked when Brainiac decided to brain drain Lana.
Eh, there's no difference with regular Lana as far as I could see.

However, I don’t get why Kara jumped to sacrifice herself.
That's easy... because saving Lana is worth putting yourself and the whole world at the mercy of a psychopathic Kryptonian machine!

Excellent commentary, ashley! You brought up some very good points. :)

ashley said...

Thanks wwg!:)

Even though i didn't get why Kara willing went with Brainiac, I am curious to see where he took her. I think it will come into play w/ the speech he gave about saving the people she loved. I'm so glad we will see James Marsters again, hopefully soon. He's great!

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