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Friday, February 29, 2008

Kate Walsh checks back into Grey’s Anatomy

What a way to start the weekend! Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Kate Walsh will return to Grey’s Anatomy for an episode this spring.

That’s right; “She-Shepherd” and her stilettos will once again be making their way through the halls of Seattle Grace. As loyal Tube Talk readers know, I’ve loved Addison Montgomery-formerly-Shepherd since the moment she surprised McDreamy in the lobby. Her move to Private Practice has been a sore spot for me since she departed. Despite a fantastic cast, I just can’t seem to get into Private Practice.

So rejoice Grey’s fans. She’s back, even if it is only for one episode. I wish she’d stick around for more, considering Private Practice is on hiatus until next season and that her character has changed dramatically since leaving Seattle.

I can’t wait to see Addison mix it up again with her old pal Miranda and her former lovers McSteamy and McDreamy. In fact, I wouldn’t mind her having a reunion with McDreamy in that trailer. Mer-Der fans please don’t send me hate mail. My love for Addison knows no bounds.


Anonymous said...

I wish this were permanent! Darn it. I hate Private Practice.

Allison said...

I wish Kate was returning full time. Seattle Grace hasn't been the same without her.

obxrulz said...

I'd like to see her back with Derek again, too. Those two had sizzling chemistry.

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