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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rosie talks about her View departure, labels it “nuclear Wednesday”

Rosie O’Donnell answered some questions about her last day at The View, via her Web site.

O’Donnell posted a video about the incident, calling the on-air squabble between she and Elisabeth Hasselbeck “nuclear Wednesday.”

Watch it for yourself and form your own opinion, but it seems that she and Hasselbeck won’t be playing together again anytime soon.

O’Donnell also discusses her friend, Janette Barber, in the video. Barber was caught drawing a mustache on a poster of Elisabeth at The View studio, according to The New York Post.

In the video blog, O’Donnell says that Hasselbeck phoned her, but Rosie didn’t speak with her. They have e-mailed, but from Rosie’s comments, it seems that the two are still on a break.


Kim said...

Wow, I can't believe that video. How could Rosie talk about "peace and love" all the time yet give her supposed friend such a cold shoulder. I feel like this is high school and Rosie has all her friends ganging up on Elisabeth. Grow up! I used to love Ro. What the heck happened to her?

Mel said...

I think Rosie has a valid reason to be upset. Elisabeth didn't defend her, and you're supposed to take up for your friends. Wait, maybe not, if you don't agree with their viewpoints. The whole thing is just sad.

stacey in chicago said...

I just don't get this woman at all. Instead of working out her problems with Elisabeth, she ignores her? Mature. I hope she teaches her children better conflict resolution than that.

lu from Canada said...

i'm a viewer from Canada who has been watching the View mainly for Rosie. I think that the one that should have left is Elisabeth who when it comes to anything against the current president just talks over anyone that does not agree with her. Rosie didn't say that US soldiers were terrorists she was asking who was the terrorist when so many civilians in Iraq where being killed. Rosie you probably won't get to read this but my husband and I both love you and fully support you. Elisabeth grow up and try listening to someone whose opinion doesn't always agree with you. Friends are supposed to support each other

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