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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why Apolo should win Dancing With the Stars

After last night’s Dancing With the Stars, one thing is clear: Choosing a winner is going to be difficult. All three finalists are excellent dancers.

This year has been an anomaly for me because I haven’t had a clear favorite. The TV gal in me was rooting for Ian, but he clearly wasn’t the most talented dancer. That left me torn between my female loyalty for Laila, my love of Joey the entertainer, and Apolo’s fun, inspired choreography. Talk about a conundrum.

But, as we go into the final, I’m coming down on the side of Apolo and his partner Julianne. Here’s why. Apolo is an athlete, not a dancer, and he’s grown the most since the show began. In contrast, Joey was a boy bander with plenty of dance experience, as he showed off in the freestyle round, so he came into the competition with a leg up, so to speak.

Despite competing against Joey and the other professional men, Apolo often looks like a professional dancer with his crisp movements, pointed feet, and posture. In addition, his partner Julianne has created some of the most unique choreography ever performed on Dancing With the Stars, despite that Len often dislikes the risks the couple takes.

I think Apolo should take home the prize, even though he’s not quite as good as Joey. It could happen, as we all know the best dancer doesn’t always win. (Hello Mario Lopez!) Last year, Emmitt Smith took the prize, due to his popularity and fun routines, instead of the naturally talented Lopez.

For all of those who think Laila deserves to win, I don’t disagree. But Apolo is my pick. Sorry.

Laila has had a tougher time, simply because she’s a woman. But, she could be the dark horse here because she’s the sentimental favorite, after her dad Muhammed Ali sat in the audience and made all of us weepy. But, her partner Maks’ cantankerous attitude may deter people from voting for them.

Good luck tonight to all the contestants. I think they’re all winners, regardless of how this thing plays out.

Check back tomorrow for my final thoughts on Dancing With the Stars.


Becky said...

I think Apolo should win, whether he does or not we will find out tonight.
Maks has a bit of a "tude but come on all the ladies loved it when he took off his shirt last night!

tube talk girl said...

Hey, I didn't say I didn't enjoy half-naked Maks! :)

Avery said...

Good call, Jen. You were right! I love Apolo!

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