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Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol: The Finale

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Well folks, it’s over. Jordin Sparks is the newly crowned American Idol.

Although we hate to admit it, Jordin was the right choice. She is clearly the superior singer of the final two.

The finale was jam packed with the expected filler material. No surprise there because we knew that the producers wouldn’t reveal the crown champion of Idol, until the very last minute of the show. And that was OK; we were treated to some great performances from former Idols Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. It was great to see Kelly back on the Idol stage.

The performances by Ruben and Taylor were lackluster and Fantasia was a no show. (We think she was busy on Broadway.)

There were also some big names at the finale: Smokey Robinson, Joe Perry, Gladys Knight, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, Doug E. Fresh, Be Be Winans, Ce Ce Winans, Tony Bennett and Bette Midler. We’re not sure why Tony Bennett was on there. Was it our imagination or did he “dis” AI for the treatment of the contestants?

Bette Midler’s performance of “Wind Beneath My Wings” was a bit forced. It looked like she was having trouble hearing the music or something. She was totally off, not to mention that black, leather skirt was totally not her style.

Another part of the show that has become an annual event was the “Golden Idol Awards.” We were reunited with Kenneth and Jonathan, aka Best Friends Margaret Fowler and Shollandric Stallworth. All these awards do, though, is humiliate these people even more, even if it is in good fun. Come on producers, don’t you think that the picture of the Bush Baby Monkey was a bit too much?

Finally after 118 minutes of performances and awards, it was time to announce the new Idol. And as we predicted a couple months ago, Jordin won the coveted title of American Idol. Blake did not seem surprised; he knew he had been “out sung” the night before. Don’t worry Blake; we have a feeling that we’ll hear from you again.

Jordin did the traditional performance of what will be her first single “This is My Now.” Again, she choked up at the end. We think it was a little put on. But, anyway, it was her moment to shine, and she did. Congrats to Jordin Sparks 2007 American Idol.

Until next year folks, we will be anticipating the next season of Idol. Let’s hope that Season 8 gives us a little bit more talent than this one has.


tube talk girl said...

Becky, you've become so jaded. LOL. Do you really think she was "putting on" the tears? I'm stepping up to defend Jordin! :)

I'm giving the girl the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure it's a cathartic moment to have come so far, through all the stress and to be named the winner. I'd probably be bawling like a baby.

Becky said...

I dont know Jen, It just seemed a bit forced. I remember Kelly Clarkson and Carrie when they sang and they just seemed more emotional. Of course unless you are in that situation who knows how you would act. We did give props to her for winning :)

The show as a whole was just very lackluster and disapointing this year. The finale had low ratings compared to what they are used to. Hopefully next season will be better.

Jimmy said...

I was pretty happy to see Jordin win - she was the better singer and I'm not so sure she was putting on at the end of the show, so much as she was just being a 17 yr old kid at the end of what must be a very exhausting time in her life. Truth is she is facing even more exhaustion ahead I bet! I agree - what was up with Bette Midler? I know she is getting older, but her voice was bad on "her" song and she should leave the leather skirts to the younger girls. Jordin sure looked put together in her new duds. Thanks B & B for some great blog reading and I will step out from behind "Anonymous" just far enough to tell reveal that I'm not the mean other anonymous post that I've been accused of being... See ya next year. And TTG - you rock!!!

Becky said...

i am glad you finally decided to reveal yourself Jimmy!
I was disappointed with Bette Midler too. That leather skirt should not of been anywhere near her dressing room!

Lets hope that next year is a more entertaining year!

No more Sanjaya!

tube talk girl said...

Aww...thanks Jimmy! :)

Becky and Bethany, I echo Jimmy's sentiments. Your commentary this year for AI has brought a lot of new readers to Tube Talk. Thank you so much for taking time every week to do it. I know you have a lot of fans here!

bethany said...

I am so glad "anonymous" showed himself. Way to go!!! Now isn't it good to come out of the shadows?

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