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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Disco Fever on American Idol

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

Last night was Disco night on American Idol, and the guest mentor was Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. Poor Barry, we actually felt sorry for him. Last night’s show was a total disappointment.

The season finale is just a couple weeks away, and you would think that the contestants would have upped their game last night. They didn’t.

Instead of gripping the edges of our couches or clutching our throw pillows, in eager anticipation of what each finalist would belt out, we were left thinking, “That’s it?” We’ve wasted the last three months watching Idol for this? The contestants gave mediocre performances, on a night when they should have knocked everyone’s socks off.

Come on people! Last night’s show wasn’t even worth wasting our time writing about it. Tonight, in our opinion, all four are vulnerable. Melinda was really the only one who didn’t screw up completely, so she will probably stay. We say “probably” because you never know. Remember Chris Daughtry?

Let’s hope that Barry’s performance tonight at least makes us want to get up and do the hustle, instead of feeling like we have completely wasted our time watching the show. And yes we know what the hustle is…


Anonymous said...

It was one big "Yawn" of an evening. I didn't like that music back when it was popular (yes, I'm THAT old!!) so I am even less impressed now. Blake - the flake - should have been "left behind" as he butchered his song. Barry Gibb, with his straggly grey hair and his new "store bought" teeth - what a freak show!! I agree Melinda was probably the best and the crack from Simon about the "pagenty stylings" of Jordin was a little too rude for my taste. I know, the store bought teeth comment is mean, but until he actually spoke, I thought he was embombed and ready for viewing. Sorry!!!

Bethany said...

Ouch anonymous. You don't hold back do you? I admit Barry looked strange. The whole show was a snooze fest. I actually almost turned it off.

Tim said...

No post on the loss of LaKisha? Hmm...looks like you guys have grown as disinterested in the show as the rest of us...yawn...is it time for So You Think You Can Dance yet?

Becky said...

Tim, the show was lousy but we did write up a post, TTG is out of town and will get it up as soon as she can.

I dont like so you think you can dance.

Tim said...


You don't like SYTYCD? You just broke my heart. That's my favorite summer time show. I swear, I don't think I've ever missed an episode.

Becky said...

I just feel like it it was kind of corn-ballish. Maybe I will give it another go round though.

Tim said...

you definitely should...it's entertaining on alot of levels...not the least of which is human embarassment...the audition phase is even better than Idol...people really make fools of themselves!!

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