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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dancing With the Stars: Bye-Bye Billy Ray

Billy Ray and his “achy breaky butt” were sent home Tuesday from Dancing With the Stars.
It wasn’t a shock for anyone who watched his dances this week. What was shocking was Joey Fatone in the bottom two. Hello? I didn’t see that coming. He scored well with the judges, but apparently not with the public.

This week’s competition was filled with controversy. The judges were harsh on the contestants and each other. After Apolo and his partner did a crowd-pleasing number, Len and Bruno erupted into an argument. “You’re losing your marbles,” Bruno told Len, after his less-than-flattering critique of the dance. “Shut up!” Let fired back. Even host Tom Bergeron headed to the judges' table to take a joking jab at Len after his tough words.

It wasn’t just Apolo who got a tongue-lashing. Carrie Ann called out Ian for not being “authentic” when he danced, whatever that means. And Bruno called Billy Ray’s dance “crap,” which didn’t sit well with Billy Ray who was visibly upset by the remark.

Laila brought the crowd to tears when she danced for her father Muhammed Ali, who was in the audience. But her routines were too frilly for Len. He instructed her to put more dancing and less theatrics in the routines.

With Billy Ray gone, the best dancers are left. But, with last night’s results, I’m worried that the popularity contest part of the show will overtake the raw talent and the best dancers may be sent home. I never thought Joey would be in the bottom two, but he was.

The lesson here: Never underestimate the power of the Beverly Hills 90210 fans. Go Ian!


Becky said...

I think that it was Billy's time to go but I also think that Bruno was really rude to him. He was at least trying to the best of his ability.
I disagree with you about Joey, Sorry TTG, I think that Kym and Joey's sense of humor are what has made Joey look better than what he really is, his raw talent is his sense of humor not his dancing.
I am cheering for Apolo and Julianne, they are just too cute out there!

by Sandra said...

I think Joey and Kym did some great dances, but for some reason they never caught on with me. Evidently this was true for a lot of people. I think Joey's adorable but I just "wasn't into him".
I also am cheering for Apolo and Julianne. They are just so adorable and dance so well. Off dance floor personalities really come across too.

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