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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

John Ratzenberger faces the music on Dancing With the Stars

Let’s have three “cheers” for John Ratzenberger, the latest celebrity to get the boot from Dancing With the Stars.

J-Ratz — which he’ll now be known as — gave a decent performance but didn’t have Billy Ray’s fan popularity to help him through the last round.

J-Ratz was fun to watch. I’m sad to see him go. Billy Ray should have been the one out, as his waltz was, well, not really a waltz but a solo dance for his partner. There wasn’t much “dancing with the star” going on. But, he’s such a charmer; I think America wants to keep him in the game.

At this point there are three front-runners: Apolo, Joey and Laila. Ian is just on the cusp. I can’t really put my finger on why Ian isn’t getting the highly coveted tens. He and two-time champion Cheryl Burke don’t seem to have the chemistry, fire, and sizzle that she’s shown with her previous partners.

I’m not sure what happened to judge Len Goodman this week, but to say that he was cranky is an understatement. Bruno told him he was “being difficult for the sake of being difficult.” Goodman was ridiculously harsh on Apolo, who I thought gave two of the best performances of the night. He and his partner should have received a perfect score for their highly difficult choreography, but Len gave them a nine, much to the dismay of the audience and the dancers.

Next week will truly be interesting. Billy Ray should be the next to go, unless his “heel-billy” dance steps improve vastly.


Chris James said...

I avoid this show like the plague, but I'm still semi-curious. Who is pegged to win this year?

Becky said...

Sad to see John go, being the sentimental fool I am, but I understand it was his time...as we talked about TTG, Maks's green outfit was yummy!

tube talk girl said...

Chris, it's the strangest thing. There doesn't seem to be a frontrunner, as in year's past. I think Joey is probably my pick to win. He's a boy bander with dance skills and when he's on, he's on. But, Apolo and Laila have "it," too. But, I don't know if a woman can win this show. Mostly women vote, and they seem to vote for the hot guys! :)

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