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Monday, May 07, 2007

Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, yay or nay?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

After watching the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy episode, destined to become a spinoff for Addison, I’m a little concerned.

Here’s why. The show seemed adolescent in many ways, beginning with the fart joke and Addison’s silly behavior in the elevator. Then, the ladies lined up to watch the cute surfer receptionist strut through the hallway shirtless on his way to the beach. It was like that Diet Coke commercial from years ago. I expected more from the sophisticated writing palette of the Grey’s Anatomy team.

The plus to the new show is the casting. Tim Daly and Taye Diggs were outstanding. And Daly and Kate Walsh have enough chemistry to set that ocean-side community on fire. The cast, on a whole, was solid, but the problem was, I just didn’t care about most of them and their problems. Naomi seemed cold, internet-trolling doctor seemed nutty, and the shrink didn’t pull me in either. Hence, I can’t even remember their names.

It all comes down to Addison. She has always seemed like an outsider at Grey’s Anatomy, so it makes sense that she would be destined for a different place. But, I don’t want her to go, if it means changing her character. And for those two hours last week, it seemed they had.

Addison isn’t a silly girl, yet she was acting like a juiced-up Ally McBeal. Addison is a tough, take-charge gal, who sometimes makes poor choices. Alex was a poor choice, in my opinion. I hate that she went there. She was better than that. The Addison I first met would never have messed around with an intern, especially with McSteamy in the mix and McDreamy’s relationship hitting troubled waters.

I hate for Addison to leave Seattle, as I think she has plenty of story to tell there with Mark, Derek, Miranda and the gang. But, it seems she will be moving on when ABC picks up this new show. And yes, I will follow her. I love her that much.

First impressions of TV shows are sometimes wrong, so I’m not saying I won’t watch. I didn’t love Friday Night Lights or The Office pilots, but those two shows are now must-see-TV for me. It’s possible that Addison and the new Private Practice doctors will hook me yet.

What are your thoughts on the new Grey’s spinoff? Did you love it or hate it?


big tuna said...

I vote nay. I don't want Addison to leave. I want her to bring Tim Daly and Taye Diggs to Seattle!

kim said...

After she slept with Alex, I'm not sure I even want her to stay in Seattle. She needs a fresh start.

McSexy said...

I loved it. I'm not sure why everyone is so upset. On the message boards on the Web it's brutal. People hated the Tim Daly tongue line.

tube talk girl said...

Yeah, I'm not sure why people hated that line. Why would anyone be upset by the delicious Daly uttering the line, "I’m going to kiss you with tongue.” And that kiss, whew! That scene was the highlight of the show for me. Joe Hackett never got that kind of action. :)

Nicole L said...

I liked the episode so much, I watched it twice! (thank goodness for Tivo) The main reason I liked is was the cast- especially Tim Daly who I love... (and I loved the kiss with tongue line, it was real) I think one of the reasons people didn't like it, it wasn't Grey's... that's good.. it was lighter, had a little more comedy...Plus, with all those cast members used to being the "star" of a show- it'll take some time to mold into a great ensemble.. give it time... we all know Kate Walsh as Addison will be splendid!

tube talk girl said...

Nicole, you make excellent points. I'd watch Addison on anything.

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