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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Farewell Veronica Mars: Final thoughts

by Jennifer Squires Biller

Veronica Mars, how could it end like that?

Excuse me while I channel my inner second-grader: “I HATE you CW. I HATE you so very much!” (Stomps foot, sticks out lip, and crosses arms defiantly across chest.)

Veronica Mars took her final bow last week with back-to-back episodes that were so deliciously good, I once again questioned why so few saw the brilliance of this television gem. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, and I doubt that even super-sleuth Veronica could solve it.

Show creator Rob Thomas has said he’d like to continue Veronica’s adventures on the big screen, after the network cancellation, and I pray that happens. Veronica’s story wasn’t finished. She deserved a bigger bang for her final episode, and perhaps she’ll get payback in a theater near you. Wouldn’t it be great if Veronica Mars the movie became a giant blockbuster? That would be cosmic karma.

For those of you who are sick of hearing me rant/talk about Veronica, I won’t bore you with another love-letter about the show. I’ll simply leave you with this, a sample of why Veronica went out on top.

The episode “Weevils Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down” was classic “Veronica” style with some memorable lines. Enjoy:

“Rob Thomas is a whore” --- (Said jokingly about the Matchbox 20 band leader in regard to the reunion tour, but poignantly funny to all Mars fans as the show’s creator Rob Thomas is often confused with the Matchbox music man.)

(Mac finds Veronica shaving her legs and makes an observation.)
Mac: “Miss Mars uses Venus razor.”
Veronica: “Because if she doesn’t her legs look like Pluto.”

(Dick goes surfing in his new wet suit and tries to adjust it from irritating his, um, junk.)
Dick: “This new wet suit is like a cheap hotel. No ballroom.”

(Veronica, Mac, Logan and Dick watch Wallace’s motorized airplane attempt to take off on the beach and fail miserably.)
Mac: “He needs more thrust.”
Dick: “That’s what she said.” (stealing a line from "The Office")

Goodbye, Veronica. (sniff, sniff) Hope to see you in the movies.


Steven said...

What great lines. No one writes dialogue like that. I can't believe some of it got past the censors.

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