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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Veronica Mars officially cancelled


Do you think they heard that over at the CW?

News out of the Upfront presentation in New York is that the CW has officially cancelled Veronica Mars. I’ll be rocking in the fetal position, while you let that news digest.

CW president Dawn Ostroff told reporters that the show isn’t coming back, not even as a midseason replacement.

I know I should have expected it, but this is Veronica, one of the most well-written, plucky, fun characters on the tube. I never thought it would end like this.

I could pontificate at length about the sad state of television, when a show about Pussycat Dolls gets more viewers than an entertaining mystery drama. Or I could rage at the networks for putting a show about the Geico cavemen on its schedule and killing gems like Veronica and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

But, honestly, I’ve done that, year after year when we lose quality TV shows like Freaks and Geeks and Jack and Bobby. Here’s the cold, hard, truth: The bottom line is ratings. And for some reason, the millions of TV viewers with Nielsen boxes apparently have horrid taste in television.

Here’s my proposal: I think we need to screen the Nielsen viewers, and make sure they’re qualified to make judgments about which shows to watch, as they ultimately force networks to determine which shows live and die.

Hey, you have to take a test to drive a car, why not a TV test to show your tastes, considering you’re inevitably going to control the fate of multi-million dollar shows and force us, the masses, to watch The Bachelor? Networks are taking the words of random viewers, despite the fact that their idea of entertainment could be monster trucks, wrestling and I Want to Marry a Millionaire.

If you’re a Nielsen viewer, I beg of you, this season, watch responsibly! It won’t help Veronica Mars, but it may keep another mindless, distasteful piece of TV balderdash off the air.

As for Veronica Mars, thank you Rob Thomas, cast and crew for giving us perfection. It’s too bad too few recognized it.


Chris James said...

Thats what my wife (a big Veronica fan) gets for refusing to sign that "save our Bluths" petition for Arrested Development.

Anonymous said...

That's it...call the cable company...it'll just be me and Buffy dvd's in the basement from now on...they can cancel all of my favorite shows, but they can't take my dvd box sets away from me!

tube talk girl said...

Tim, you heart Buffy? I think you're my new BFF. Those Buffy/Angel DVDS have got me through some tough TV summers.

Chris, LOL at your Bluth petition. Long live the Bluths!

Kim said...

CW, you are dead to me! Dead to me!!!!!!

To change your stupid theme song, "Get ready, cause here I GO!"

neptune lover said...

I ddin't want to believe it Tube Talk Girl. How can this happen? Why??????

The CW's schedule looks horrid, with the exception of Gossip Girl. How the hell did One Tree Hill become a keeper and the smart Veronica Mars become disposable. UGHHH!

ryan said...

I knew it was coming, but I'm still in shock. I thought maybe CBS or another network would help save it. There's no hope now.

I'll be locked up in the basement too with my Veronica DVDs.

Avery said...

This sucks. Period.

Rachel said...

Jen, I like your Nielsen idea. It's so not right that all people who appreciate quality TV aren't given these boxes. Imagine if critics like yourself were Nielsen viewers. The top rated shows would change quickly, I think. No more CSI, and Veronica Mars would pull more than a paltry 3 million viewers. Every time I look at the numbers for that show, I can't hardly believe it. It seems online there are so many fans, but when it comes to recording those watching the numbers aren't banking.

Nielsen needs an overhaul when shows like Veronica and Studio 60 can't make it. Sad times.

Lisa said...

How can shows like the stupid Bachelor or Big Brother return year after year? I just don't get it. Networks, stop giving us crap!!!!!!!! We loved Veronica. Shame on you CW. Veronica was the cornerstone of your new network and you gave her the boot.

neptune freak said...


CW, I HATE you for this. Veronica is the one show I look forward to every week. She's so funny and smart. Hmm...yeah, I guess that means she has no place on a network for Pussycat Dolls.

Kasey said...

Once Smallville ends, I'm so done with the CW. I won't even stop there for a commercial break.

Anonymous said...

Yes, TTTG, it's true...I heart Buffy

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