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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

American Idol: Finally a competition!

by guest bloggers Becky and Bethany

It took us to semi-finals to actually get to a competition worth watching.

This week on Idol, the final three had to sing three songs: judges’ pick, producers’ pick and their own.

Jordin opened the show with “Wishing on a Star” picked for her by Simon. As usual she sang beautifully, but she lacks stage presence. She just stands there and sings. Come on Jordin, we would like to see you walk across the stage. Maybe she can’t sing and walk at the same time?

Next, the producers chose “She Works Hard for the Money”. We thought that she would really shine with this choice. But again, it was flat. Then, surprisingly Jordin picked “I who Have Nothing”. The performance left us with nothing but BLAH.

The dark horse aka Blake, made a come back. His version of “Roxanne”, “This Love” and “When I Get You Alone” were great. He gave the viewers a reason to pick up the phone and vote. We think that it’s enough to get him to the final.

Melinda was the resident professional. She was given the task of singing a Whitney Houston ballad, a feat that is normally condemned by the judges. However, Randy chose “I Believe in You and Me” for her to sing.

She was great! Mark it down, the first AI contestant to sing a Whitney song and live to tell about it.

Melinda also took on “Nutbush City Limits” and “I’m a Woman”. They both let her personality show through. Melinda needed to connect with the audience and show them she has a fun side, and she did it.

So AI fans, we are changing our tune and predicting that Jordin will be sent home, and it will be a gender war again with Blake and Melinda in the final.

Until tomorrow….


Becky said...

we rock bethany.

Anonymous said...

and you're modest :)...

I'm predicting Jordin will be in the finals. I think she's popular. And I like her...even though she's no Gina Glocksen...

Melinda is easily the best singer of the bunch...not sure if she has the charisma needed to be a pop star

Becky said...

As we said Tim, we think Jordin might go tonight, of course this is Idol and you never know what will happen,

In my opinion Chris Daughtry should have won last season BUT he is soooo much better off now!

bethany said...

Gina is gone Tim, find a way to deal. I would be happy with anyone of the last three becoming the 07 American Idol. They are all talented.

Anonymous said...

I guess your old pal here knows a little something about what America thinks...it seems Melinda's lack of charisma doomed her last night...I hate to brag (who am I kidding? I love to brag!) but I totally saw this coming...

the difference between her and Chris Daughtry is potential commercial appeal...I don't know that she has any...but she'll get a contract and be fine...Elliot Yamin is the proof of that

Becky said...

Eeeks Tim, what was up with Elliot?

We are in the process of writing the blog and frankly we are a bit dissapointed. I knew that Melinda wouldnt win but I would of bet money that she would have been in the final 2!!!!
Proof that a bunch a teeny boppers are voting, of course it is a teeny bopper show.

Anonymous said...

How about Elliot's new look...love the store-bought-teeth...lol...I mean, remember what his grill looked like on the show last year?

Becky said...

Between his new chompers and his head full of lustrious curly locks I was completely baffled. Proof that cosmetic surgery can't help us all.

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