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Friday, May 18, 2007

Fantasy Island movie to feature Eddie Murphy

In the continuing trend of taking hit TV shows and turning them into films, Fantasy Island, the movie, is headed to the big screen.

Eddie Murphy has signed on to star as the lead, according to E!Online. Murphy will play multiple roles in the film, which is being written by Norbit writers Jay Scherick and David Rom, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

IMDB has the movie release date listed as 2010.

Normally, my blood pressure spikes when I hear of our beloved TV shows being remade into films. But, this one sounds like it could actually work, if done right.

Fantasy Island was always a bit creepy, yet mesmerizing. If it’s done in that way, then the film could be a winner. Murphy always entertains. However, if this movie goes the route of silliness aka The Dukes of Hazzard movie, then count me out.

Fantasy Island was part of the Aaron Spelling TV dynasty and ran from 1978-1984.

No word yet if Murphy will be uttering the famous Fantasy Island phrase “De plane, de plane.”


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