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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Office: Is Karen headed to corporate?

Michael Scott can relax about who will take over the office when he moves up to corporate. One can only assume that Karen is going to snag the job, after hearing the FOX fall schedule today.

Rashida Jones, who plays Karen, filmed a new comedy series for FOX called The Rules for Starting Over, and it was picked up for the FOX schedule.

While I’m happy for Rashida, I hate to see her leave The Office. I love Karen. She makes Jim smile, and they have great chemistry. I’ve never heard of an actor doing two shows at once, but I wouldn’t mind Jones blazing that new territory. Pulling double-duty could be tough, but Karen isn’t in a lot of scenes, so it could be possible, right?

OK, enough with the wishful thinking. I guess she’ll move on. The question is how?

Karen had better not break Jim’s heart, or walking across hot coals will be the least of the tortures I have planned for her.

Jones’ new show also stars Craig Bierko, formerly of Boston Legal.


Chris James said...

So it is Ryan...

Boy, that caem outta left field.

tube talk girl said...

No kidding. I didn't see that coming at all. Everyone thought it would be Karen.

That was hysterical. He was fetching Michael coffee, or not, in this episode and now he's everyone's boss. Love it!

"Kelly, we're over." LOL

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