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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Keri Russell guests on Srubs tonight

If you missed Felicity star Keri Russell last week on Scrubs, then you missed one of the funniest episodes of the season. Lucky for you, she’ll be back tonight to conclude her two-show guest stint.

Russell is starring as Elliot’s college roommate Melody, and it’s a role unlike anything you’ve seen her do. Translation: She’s no Felicity Porter.

Last week, Russell’s character introduced us to the Bus Driver Dance, a move I plan to use the next time I hit the dance floor. You’ve been warned.

It was great to see Russell and her former Felicity co-star Donald Faison together again. How great would it be if Scrubs brought back Scott Foley, too, and had one big Felicity reunion? Please, Bill Lawrence, if you’re listening!

For those of you who missed Russell’s first visit to Scrubs, check out Turk’s hilarious analysis of the new hottie, NFL style in this video clip. And watch Keri break it down in the Bus Driver Dance.


big tuna said...

OMG!!! I missed it last week. Thanks so much for that clip. Turk's Booty Breakdwon was perfection. God, I love this show.

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