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Friday, May 18, 2007

Shocking season finales

Smallville, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, oh my!

This week has been a TV lovers’ dream. I’m still on an adrenaline high, after making my way through my DVR lineup.

Several shows manned up for the season finales and delivered unforgettable episodes with jaw-dropping shockers. What’s a TV gal to do? Share my giddiness with you, of course.

It usually takes about six Red Bulls to make my heart race the way it was pounding during this action-packed hour. So far, Smallville gets the prize for the best season finale. Mrs. Kent left for Washington, sadly leaving Clark on his own. Perhaps, now, the Man of Steel will finally get some action at the farm. (I kid.)

Meanwhile, Lana was the one to die, supposedly, thanks to a car bomb. Although, I’m not buying the Lana death card, until I’ve seen a body. I’ve been tricked too many times before. That twit is like the Phoenix. No matter how many times they kill her, she just keeps coming back.

Lois was dead, but Chloe revived her with her meteor-laced tears, and then passed out or died herself. I’m hoping for the former. Lionel was trapped under debris and looked like he may be next for the dirt nap, as the dam broke, literally. Lex was arrested for the murder of his wife, and Clark fought himself, sort of, as he faced off against Clark Kent Zoner freak.

That was how you do a season finale. From the special effects to the plot development, Smallville went out with a bang. I can’t wait for next season.

The Office
That sound you heard across the world Thursday night was Pam and Jim fans breathing a sigh of relief. Halpert stepped up and asked Pam out. And finally, Pam started behaving the way any normal woman would when a hot, sweet, panty-dropper-of-a-guy like Jim shows her some attention: She said yes.

Cue the choir: Hal-le-lu-jah!

I’m not sure what happened to Karen. I guess Jim ended it and left her in New York. Sniff…sniff…I’ll miss her and her influence on Jim. (Goodbye “homeless” guy, hello Mr. Professional. His-Karen-inspired haircut was s-s-s-sexy. ) And Jim rocked that t-shirt at Spamalot.

Meanwhile, Jan had a boob “enhancement” and will soon be wearing stretch pants and living with Michael. Dwight went crazy with power, with Michael out of the office, Creed told us about his blog (now available at NBC.com) and Kevin made a list to compare the hotness of Pam and Karen.

The biggest shocker of the night was when Ryan The Temp scored the job at corporate, besting Michael, Karen and Jim. Then, he hilariously, dumped Kelly. Priceless.

I don’t know about you, but it’s killing me that we have to wait the entire summer to see how Jim and Pam’s date went and if Ryan is going to make Michael fetch coffee now.

Grey’s Anatomy
Seriously? Burke called off the wedding?

I would have laid odds that that Cristina would go all runaway bride on him. So, I was shocked that he ended it. Frankly, I can’t understand why he’d want to marry that cantankerous commitment-phobe in the first place, but there is no understanding the minds of these twisted doctors.

Speaking of which, can someone explain crazy Meredith Grey to me? She has McDreamy. All of him. Yet, she keeps shutting him down. Run, Derek, run. I can’t believe you left your sexy, confident wife for this wishy-washy-whiney chick.

The shocker of Grey’s wasn’t that Burke left. It was that George failed his exam, and Bailey didn’t get the chief resident job. The two of them on that bench was heartbreaking. Bailey was horrified that she’d “failed” George. It appears George isn’t going to be a doctor because he doesn’t want to repeat his internship. I can’t blame him. His first two years have been Hell.

In another stunner, the cute gal McDreamy was flirting with at the bar is in fact Meredith’s sister. I say, “Yay!” Let’s give Meredith something to really be upset about.

I’m taking bets as to how long it will be before Derek and the new Dr. Grey are playing doctor.


lawgirl98 said...

Smallville was AWESOME!!!

Welcome, Bizzaro Superman! Dark, twisted clone.... I'm sure we'll see you again!

My question to you Tube Talk Girl is this...Is Chloe alive in her own body, or did she, perhaps, become some sort of symbiot/alternate consciousness in Lois's body? And will she return only as a "ghost" of her former self? Could explain how Lois AND Chloe both end up with CK. Ponder that TTG!


tube talk girl said...

Anything that has my Chloe ending up with CK, I'm for it. I know you were sure she'd be the one headed for the dirt nap, but I still don't think so. At first, I thought Chloe had "died" and would live on through Lois. But, now, I don't think so. Chloe is too valuable to this show.All indications are that she'll be back next season.

Mrs. Kent, however, is making Washington her new home and is supposedly only doing guest appearances, according to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello.

I don't think Chloe will be ghost form. At least, I hope not. Although, that would probably be somewhat entertaining, if she could "haunt" Lana and Lex. :)

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