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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Idol Chatter: It's a guys’ finale

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O'Neil

Last night we were finally right: Syesha's days on American Idol came to an end. This was not surprising, and it actually isn't sad either. This girl has a huge career ahead of her, probably on Broadway. She has a great voice, cute personality, and she is beautiful. She will not be in the unemployment line anytime soon.

We aren't surprise that David A. and David C. are in the finale. We actually had that scenario pegged for the last two months. Some small part of us hoped that David Archuletta would be sent home, but it just wasn't so.

Next week is the finale. It will be anyone's game. David Archuletta has the popular vote, while David Cook has the talent vote. Either way it won't be the last anyone will hear from either of them. Seeing Fantasia perform last night just goes to show you how anyone can make it. Yes, she is an excellent singer, but what the heck has happened to her? Her entire performance from her singing, to her hair, to her outfit, to her dancing, made us want to turn the channel, fast.

One week left folks, then American Idol will be done for yet another season. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip from season one when Kelly Clarkson sang " A Moment Like This."


tara said...

Fantasia scared me...

realitytvjunkie said...

The chick needs to get a makeover!

I can't believe she won, yes she can sing but HELLO is she the total package?????

Roca said...

Hi girls!!

Pretty boring show this week huh?! The result was predictable but what in the world happened to Fantasia.... ?!

I read something yesterday and wanted to know what you think. Basically the text was why David Cook should NOT win AI, and the reason would be that he is not original, saying Cook sounds just like 88% of the bands we listen to in the radio today. The question was if David is original or putting on a show just because this type of sound is selling so well... they go on to say that we already have a Chris Daughtry and don't need one more.

Personally I disagree and Simon's choice for him this week and his version of “I Don’t Miss a Thing” showed that he is being himself, it didn’t sound like always but it sounded good and he is a true artist. By the way, Archuleta sounds like whoever the singer of what he is singing is, Syesha impersonates Whitney Houston, Jason sounds like Jack Johnson, Kristy Lee wanted to be Shanaia Twain... So, who can you really call “original”?

I hope he brings his game next week and wins this…. I can’t predict who will win but I can predict one thing: Ryan on the results next week “And the winner is David! The last name you will find out after the break!”

Take care girls!
See ya next week! :D

Bec said...

Hi Roca,

I agree with you. First let me say that the look on Simons face when Fantasia was singing was HILARIOUS! He was probably thinking "My God she's atrocious (insert british accent)

I think that David Cook has shown more talent, style, charisma, stage presence etc etc than really most people who have been on Idol. He is another "Chris Daughtry" either.

Honestly though I think he would do better if he didn't win. The only Idol winner whose CD I enjoyed was Carrie Underwood. Kelly Clarkson's hit "A Moment Like This." was beautiful, but how did the other songs on her "made by Idol producers cd" do?

I think that David Cook will have more of a chance to do what he does best IF he doesn't win. I personally don't want to hear him sing a "Life Anthem" and David Archuletta is perfect for the type of CD that Idol puts out.

Archie is the A-typical "America Idol" Meaning that he is what they want. He appeals to teeny boppers and old women, he loves to do the corny dances, AND he sings contemporary songs PERFECTLY!

Anyways, it means nothing what I think in the great scheme of things right?

You comments are much appreciated, it is a shame you are in NY, we could have a big old Idol Finale party if not! :)

Roca said...

Hey Bec... :D

Reading what you just wrote and thinking back on David A's video from yesterday (the part with the cheerleaders all over him was hilarious) it made complete sense now.... I guess I never realized it before That American Idol and David Archuleta are such a perfect match, although I think he hasn't the necessary "structure" to deal with fame. He is just too nice... I don't think he was ever popular in school and stuff and now he's got cheerleaders!

Thanks!! I love to comment here, and it would be awesome to do a finale party! You thought it would be a problem with me being in NY.... well... It would actually be much easier (and closer) if I was still there... I've been in Brazil since April!!! :)

Bec said...

Oh I thought you were back!

No way we can have a party with you in Brazil!!!

Roca said...


Well.... I think I wasn't clear.... I'm actually from Brazil! I was Living for a few months there in Rochester upstate NY, then after my temporary work program was finished I spent some time on vacation in NYC (I have family in Jersey City) and now I came back home!

So... yeah a little difficult to to make it to where you are (where are you by the way?!) but I'm flattered that you considered having me for an Idol party, maybe next time I'm there! :D

Bec said...

that is why when I look at comments on your page they are in spanish...duh...

Roca said...


Yeah I can't figure out why though since the entire blog is in english! Oh and what you saw is portuguese, there are a lot of similarities. I forgot to ask on which state do you live?!

Do you use MSN messenger yahoo, facebook or anything like that?

Bec said...

i have never seen portugeuse before.

Bethany said...

Becky I totally agree with you... I love David Cook, but I dont know if he can pull off the win. Hey Tara, Fantasia scared me too.

Bec said...

Have you heard how everyone is talking about Fantasia? They were talking about it on several radio stations and various shows, one compared her to a chicken with her bright red hair!
What a let down to have that kind of performance on the semi-finale.

bethany said...

yes becky, is really was a stinker! not a good way to begin the most exciting part of the show!
the commentary has not been favorable!

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