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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol Chatter: David vs. David

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O’Neil

Last night was the final night of competition on American Idol. And we just want to say “What the heck are the judges thinking?”

Honestly, David Archuletta could burp the alphabet and the judges would drool all over him! It is like they have a “love jones” for Archie. Yes he is an excellent singer, but David Cook was so awesome last night! We don’t think there was much of a competition. He was EVERYTHING that we would look for in an “American Idol.” Vocally he was up to par. He was original, upbeat, and not to mention, he is so easy on the eyes. He could take all three songs that he sang last night and make a top-selling album. We totally disagree with Simon about his last song being the “wrong” song for the night. Cook sang “The World I Know” by Collective Soul and it rocked! He showed that he didn’t want to sing the same old thing time and time again. He is comfortable with stepping out and showing how he has evolved throughout all of this. Yes, he may have gotten more screaming from the mob in the audience had he sang “Billie Jean,” but you cannot say that his rendition of this song was not 100% up there with today’s hit makers.

We would like to add that we think that Simon wasn’t completely honest in his opinions that he gave Cook. We honestly think that Simon was saying what the audience and the producers wanted him to say. There is obviously some kind of weird thing going on with Archuletta and the Idol producers, and we think that Simon was harder on Cook for that reason. Did you see the wink he gave Cook at the end? Simon Cowell knows that while Archuletta may be better vocally, overall David Cook is the total package and will be the hit maker out of the two.

Yes, we are partial to Cook, if you haven’t noticed. We feverishly dialed his digits last night in the hours following Idol. We must avoid another Taylor or Jordin mess. We must have an idol that is worthy. Not a flash in the pan.

Now, we feel we should talk about Archuletta for a minute. Yes, he is a good singer, but were we the only ones who felt a little uncomfortable with the pedestal he was put on by the judges and the screaming mob of 12-year-olds in the audience? That and the fact that once again all three of his songs sounded the same just really annoyed us. It sounded like one long song. Yes, we were inspired, but what we really wanted was some excitement. David Archuletta is a great singer, but could you really see him as an Idol?

Tonight, part of us really want David Cook to win because he is the total package, but then the other part knows he will have more of a chance to be himself if he isn’t chained to the Idol producers. David Archuletta will probably take home the honors and if he does, then he will be the perfect modeling clay for the producers. We aren’t sure how his dad will do with anyone other than himself in control of his son’s career. But if the producers are smart, they will somehow fix the show and crown Cook the winner. He is that type that may just renew the waning interest in Idol.

Who do you think should be the next American Idol? Tonight we will finally find out.


Anonymous said...

Jason Castro. Hands down.

Bethany said...

Well anonymous, so sorry about your Jason leaving Idol. But, it is for the best. Maybe you should join a support group. Hey Tim, maybe you can help him? You are still sick over Gina.....
Go David Cook!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jason is a has been, can you hear me a has been???

Roca said...

Hey girls!!

Great post as always!! But I'm 99% sure Archie will win and I can tell you why.

Jimmy Hendrix was known for never wanting to play the same thing because, in his words, he wasn't "a record player", so everytime in a concert when somebody said something like "play Purple Haze!" he would refuse to do it.

Great artists, the ones who made music the way we know it, would never have a chance on Idol, can you imagine Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, John Lennon or Mick Jagger on that stage? That's the problem I saw with Cook last night. No, I don't think he is nearly as good as any of those names but he made a choice of showing himself as an artist, instead of just doing whatever the crowd wanted of him in order to win when he didn't play "Hello" or "Billie Jean". So, maybe he'll lose Idol and we'll have an album from a guy who wants to grow as an artist, can't feel sad about that.

Bec... by the way, what you said last week about a Cook "idol made" cd was just spot on! I felt the confirmation came with Clive Davis' choice for him, U2 has nothing to do with his style, the performance was OK but could be way better with a better song choice.

a little froggy said...

Roca you think just like us!

You make some great points on your blog, thanks for reading us! :)

Roca said...

Thanks Bec!!

I love your and Bethany's writings too, what are you 2 going to write about after tomorrow?

bethany said...

who knows roca....
i am sure that becky and i will find something to write about.
if not, we always love to post comments on other tube talk columns. i dont know but it will be a long seven months until January 2009!

bethany said...

who knows roca....
i am sure that becky and i will find something to write about.
if not, we always love to post comments on other tube talk columns. i dont know but it will be a long seven months until January 2009!

Bec said...


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