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Friday, May 23, 2008

Commentary with a Co-Ed: Ugly Betty finale

by Ashley Gouveia

The season finale of Ugly Betty had the employees of Mode facing off with Elle magazine in a charity baseball game. But Betty was involved in her own little game of trying to decide between Henry and Gio. Was she jetting off to Rome for a month with Gio or relocating to Tucson and marrying Henry? That’s a toughie. Well, not for me anyway. (How do you say goodbye in Italian?)

From last week’s “I want to be the guy” declaration I was prepared with my theoretical “Team Gio” t-shirts. Although, I was hoping for a little more of a reluctance on his end because getting involved with Betty this quickly would constitute as being the rebound guy. Henry swooping back in and proposing to her didn’t help the situation at all. He basically planned her entire life, down to her new writing job in Tucson. Huh? Back the tractor up Grubstick. I love ya Henry, but she can’t leave Mode.

Betty wasn’t the only one with surprises. Daniel seems to have a French son whose mother had recently died and left him in his care. This sounds like an Adam Sandler movie. I’m not feeling the whole ‘Daniel’s a daddy’ storyline. Whenever kids get involved TV shows seem to slowly tank. Remember Luke’s long lost daughter on Gilmore Girls? It was the beginning of the end after that. I still think that something’s not right. They haven’t gotten the DNA results back so maybe he won’t be Daniel’s son.

I loved the dynamic duo, aka Marc and Amanda, back together again in all their glory. It had been way too long. Their cheerleading routine was classic and a great break from the Betty drama. It was also nice to see Marc interact with someone else besides Wilhelmina, who was at her most devious last night.

She convinced Alexis to remove Daniel from being editor in chief. I liked that Daniel reminded Alexis how he stood by her after the advertiser threatened to pull out of the magazine because of her now being a woman. I guess the writers want us to turn against Alexis because she completely betrayed her brother. By the look on Mama Meade’s face she didn’t look too happy with her either.

I knew something had to be wrong with Eddie Cibrian’s Coach Diaz. He’s married! It looked like Hilda made her choice to stay with him anyway. I’m all for seizing the day, but I’m not sure that was the best decision. But it is Eddie Cibrian we’re talking about here.

If you blinked you probably missed Lindsay Lohan’s cameo. I don’t think it lived up to the hype. At least Naomi Campbell’s appearance got a few laughs.

Can I tell you all how much I despise cliffhangers? In the final minutes we saw Betty packing her stuff and leaving Casa de Suarez. Now we’re left to ponder over the next few months who Betty ended up choosing. My prediction is that she’s going to Rome solo, leaving Henry and Gio behind. It will give Betty enough time to figure out how she can help Daniel get his job back. I’m guessing if Daniel’s out then she is too. By the way, that scene with him giving Betty advice was adorable. I knew he would be biased and tell her to go to Rome. He couldn’t imagine being there without her. Aww!

So what was your take on the season finale? Who do you think Betty chose?

‘Till next week!

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tube talk girl said...

Ashley, you made me laugh out loud with the "grubstick" comment. he he he he....so funny.

I loved your column.

Kim said...

I belive goodbye in Italian is ciao????

ashley said...

thanks Jen! Glad you enjoyed the column this week. Henry really needed to slow down there. Gio, too. They were both kind of pressuring her. That's why I think she went by herself.

kim, Thanks for the Italian input. I think Ciao is one way you can say it. I think another way is Arriverderci. I never took Italian in school,lol. But I did take French for two semesters and I was surprised by how much I understood Daniel Jr.:)

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