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Friday, May 02, 2008

Lex Luthor departing Smallville and other spoilers

A few moments ago I checked my e-mail to find a letter from Smallville’s Michael Rosenbaum, regarding his impending exit from the show.

That’s right. Lex Luthor will NOT be a series regular on Smallville next season.

Smallville executive producers Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, along with the CW Network and Warner Bros. Television, issued this joint statement about Rosenbaum’s exit.

“It has been an honor and pleasure to work with Michael for the past seven seasons. He is one of the best actors on television and has never failed to bring a new layer to the character of Lex Luthor in every episode. While Michael won’t be a series regular, and we won’t have the pleasure of working with him on a weekly basis this fall, we like to think that we haven’t seen the last of Lex Luthor. Stay tuned."

I hope they’re not wrong and that we haven’t seen the last of Sexy Lexy.

Rosenbaum also issued a statement. Here is his sweet and humorous letter to fans in its entirety.

Dear Smallville Fans,

Well, it's been seven wonderful years. Your support is what has made Smallville so successful, and I appreciate you all more than you know.

That being said, it is time for me to start the next chapter of my life and career. I hope that I gave you some enjoyment over the years, and that you found my portrayal of Lex Luthor to be satisfying. I am truly grateful, as Smallville fans are the best fans out there. I sincerely hope that you will continue to follow my career through my hair growth period and beyond.

I'm very excited about what the future holds, but certainly, Smallville will always be a part of me. I will definitely miss the greatest crew in the world, and the wonderful cast that has been like a family to me.

Thank you Al and Miles for creating the show. Thank you writers, producers, directors and editors. Thanks Tollin, Robbins and Davola for being there for the pilot. Thank you Peter Roth for employing me for ten years. Lisa Lewis, I miss you already. John Glover, thanks for helping me feel more comfortable touching other actors, while acting. Bizarre, but helpful.

Mostly, I want to thank Greg Beeman for directing the "Oh Sherry" video, by Steve Perry, back in the 80's.

Thanks crew. Thanks fans. Thanks Smallville.

I love you all,
Michael Rosenbaum

There you have it, right from the lips of Lex Luthor himself.

I can’t fathom a Smallville without Lex Luthor. He’s been the character I loved, then the character I loved to hate.

We’ll miss you Michael, more than you know.

Rumors are also swirling that Allison Mack (Chloe) has not signed on yet as a series regular for next season and is still in talks. I’m more than a little nervous that she won’t come back.

A Smallville without Martha, Jonathan, Lionel and Pete is bad enough. When those characters exited, so did some of the magic and charm that made Smallville so spectacular throughout the years. Add to that a missing Lex and possibly Chloe, and who’s left to keep the charm and spirit that Smallville has consistently delivered?

I love Tom Welling’s Clark Kent, but no man is an island, not even Superman. For a series to be successful, it needs a supporting cast that has chemistry. I’m concerned more and more that the supporting cast keeps dwindling away.

I don’t want Smallville to become Clark Kent fighting a different villain every week, with no family or friends, other than Lois and Jimmy, to support him. That is the Superman story, not the Smallville story, which is supposed to be the tale of young Clark Kent BEFORE he becomes Superman.

For those of you who hate spoilers, stop reading now.

Smallville producers plan to introduce two new villains next season: Doomsday and a female villain whose name has not been released yet, but who will set her sights on Clark. (Doomsday is notorious for being the only character in the DC Comics universe to have killed Superman.)

So, Lex is out and more changes may be coming. Please take a moment to share your thoughts or leave a comment for Michael Rosenbaum in the comments section below.


Hilary in Ca said...

NOOO!!! I'll miss Lex. He's been such a part of the Smallville fabric.

Thank you Michael for seven wonderful years. You're a true talent. Best of luck in any future projects.

Hilary, in California

seth said...

so sad that lex is leaving...he's been one of the main reasons I watch the show

ashley said...

Thanks for the report Jen! This news really saddens me. I think you guys all know for my commentary that I absolutely adore Michael and think he is a pivotal part of Smallville. That being said, I hope he has much success in his future endeavors.
I keep hearing that Allison Mack is still in negotiations with her contract for season 8.I have been a fan of Smallville for seven years. But like you said Jen, Tom Welling can't carry the show with just Lois and Jimmy. That's not the show I've been watching for seven years. I hope everything works out with Allison and the CW/SV know how important Chloe's character is to the show.

Kim said...

Good luck Michael, not that you need it. I'm anxious to see you in your next role, with a full head of hair!

Thanks for all the wonderful years you gave us as Lex Luthor.

Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to next season if Lex and Chloe both leave. You're right that the relationships in Smallville have made it really stand out, not the villain of the week. If I want to watch that, then I'll watch one of those horrid procedural crime dramas on CBS.

weevilswobble said...

I think that it is time for Lex to move on. If he's to become the great criminal mastermind we all know he does, then he can't keep having his plans thwarted by a gang of Scoobies, headed by Chloe, Lois and Clark. I'll miss him so much, but it makes sense to the story.

Steph in LA said...

The Lex episodes are usually my favorites, so I'm really sad he's leaving.

Best of luck, Michael and thanks for a good run.

Joanne said...

Michael you are an amazing Lex. So sad to see you go. I will conyinue to for you next career move and hopefully keep in touch. Good Luck.
By the way I will look for you at the ball game.


Joanne said...

Well Michael, I will miss you and I will continue to follow your next career move. Not in a stalker, freaky
way, as a true fan of course. I have seen your comedy films and they are pretty good. Smallville will not be the same without you.


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