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Sunday, May 04, 2008

ABC cancels Men in Trees

These are trying times, Tubers.

First, Las Vegas got the boot from NBC, with no satisfactory series ending. Then, we got the news that Aliens in America most likely won’t be back on the CW schedule next season. And now TV Guide is reporting that ABC has cancelled Men in Trees.

Go ahead, take a moment to toss out your own personal expletive. I know I did.

I can’t say I’m surprised that Men in Trees is getting the boot. ABC has treated it so shabbily during its run -changing its time slot six times in two years and pulling the show for two long hiatuses - that viewers could rarely find it or remember when it was supposed to air.

The good news is that at least fans will get a proper ending. A series-finale wrap-up will air sometime this summer. The last new batch of episodes begins airing May 28.

I’m baffled as to why ABC made this decision. I can’t imagine they have some kind of super lineup next season with shows that could possibly be any better than Men in Trees. Private Practice isn’t. Neither is any of the reality fare they spin. (What, like you’re home watching Wife Swap?)

Feel free to vent your frustrations in the comments below about the loss of another fun, quirky dramedy, or better yet, fire off a letter to ABC.


Anonymous said...

What can we expect with all the stops/starts/schedule changes. This was one of my favorite escapes of the week. This sucks.

jellybean said...

Letter fired. Great show, awful decision. Like you, though, I'm not surprised. I don't even know when the show is on half the time, and I love it. If you don't have a TiVo or a DVR it's almost impossible to find.

Stephanie said...

Another great dramedy bites the dust. Is there no end to the bloodshed? :)

obxrulz said...

This was one of my favorite new shows last season but this year I could hardly find it to watch it. Thanks ABC for single-handedly sinking one of your best assets.

Kelly23 said...

So let me get this straight...the network is keeping that atrocious show Private Practice, but canning this quirkly, heartfelt drama? Yeah, that makes sense.

Tube Talk Girl, you need to start your own network on the Web from your DVD collection. A place where we can all watch our favorite shows that the networks turned their backs on. Veronica Mars, Freaks & Geeks, Jack & Bobby, Everwood, Invasion, Las Vegas...

Anonymous said...

Men In Trees was a well written amily show. They felt like family. I feel like my best friend just moved to MARS and I'll never see them again. My 17 yr old daughter and I race to the sofa to watch MIT. How often do you get a teenager to actually do something with their parent not to mention AGREE with them. We love it.
So to ABC, WE MIT fans are sending a TWIG to SAVE TREES (personally daily for awhile). ABC Entertainment c/o Men In Trees 500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521-4551. It's rather obnoxious and makes me laugh all the way to the mail box.
ABC did this show wrong from the start and we all see this.

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