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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

First look at Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty

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Lindsay Lohan is coming soon to a television near you. She’s set to join the cast of Ugly Betty on Thursday, May 22, in the season finale. Lohan is playing a mean girl from Betty’s high school days, who renters Betty’s life.

Lohan a “Mean Girl?” I think we’ve seen that already. In her defense, nobody does it better. Poor Betty.

Lohan is scheduled to continue on the show next season when it returns in the fall, according to a press release from ABC.

I’m no fan of guest casting, as regular readers know. I didn’t like Paris Hilton’s silly “That’s hot,” appearance on My Name is Earl, and Britney Spears’ recent role on How I Met Your Mother was decent, but seemed completely overblown by the media.

That said, I’m willing to give Lohan and this story arc a chance, as it could provide some insight into Betty’s interesting past. Plus, I think Betty’s flashbacks to high school will be hilarious.

At least Lohan is a tried and true actress. I remember watching her with my college roommates when she played little girl, Ali Fowler, on Another World. But I hope her role doesn’t become the media frenzy that we keep seeing when Britney stops by How I Met Your Mother. I’ve never seen so much attention for such a small role.


Anonymous said...

First Paris then Britney now Lindsay. Why? Do these shows think it will help ratings to get these tabloid queens on their shows?

Yes, How I Met Your Mother got a bump when Britney was on, but also Sarah Chalke was on that week, so how do they know it was simply b/c of Britney?

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