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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breaking news: Moonlight cancelled, How I Met Your Mother renewed

And the bad news just keeps coming. CBS has officially cancelled Moonlight.

I’m shocked. Sure, I’ve heard the rumors for the past couple weeks that it could be cut, but this show has such a passionate fan base I thought for sure CBS would stick with it.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. If I like a show, it’s almost guaranteed to get the boot. (R.I.P. Aliens in America, Las Vegas, etc.)

Sorry, Moonlight fans. I know this bites.

I’m glad I don’t work at CBS right now. I can’t imagine the onslaught of mail this decision is going to generate.

There is some good news out of the CBS upfront announcements. How I Met Your Mother has been renewed. Can I get an amen?

Also coming back to CBS is The New Adventures of Old Christine and The Unit, but not the James Woods’ drama Shark.


ashley said...

This is beyond disappointing Jen. I can't believe they cancelled Moonlight! It was one of the best new shows. I hate when great shows are cancelled way before their time and never get any kind of resolution.:(

tube talk girl said...

Here, here, Ashley. I liked it, too. So sad...

Anonymous said...

You're right Tube Talk Girl. This BITES! CBS, why????

Anonymous said...

CBS sucks.. this is one the best shows that they have on TV. anything good is being cancelled, why so we can have more stupid sexual shows that make no sense? Moonlight actually has a plot and a story line...its one of the greatest shows. They need to realize where there fan base lies.

Cindy Roland said...

I cannot believe that CBS could do something as dumb as to take off the People Choice winner and pull the rug out from under 8 million rabid fans. We are campaigning to get another network to pick it up. Let your voice be heard. It was the finest show on the tube and the music is so hot. Goo Hiss CBS

Anonymous said...

Ok here's a question? If they were cancelling it then why did they say it was the season finale rather than the series finale? I would make sure that your source is reliable?

tube talk girl said...

Anonymous, the source was CBS itself, so I think it's reliable. They released their new fall schedule, and Moonlight isn't on it. :(

I know fans of the show are trying to encourage another network to pick it up, but the CW declined. I think Sci-Fi is the next target.

I'm guessing that CBS did not say the "series finale" because they were trying to keep it low key and not draw media attention. Apparently, they underestimated the rabid fan base this show has. I hope it makes a difference!

Anonymous said...

Every time i get really into a show they cancelled it and i watched it weekly now they have taken it away for what reason. if sci-fi is your next place to go then try them out because it is so unfair to take away a great fantastic show for absulutly no reason. i liked bones stopped it till next year pushing daises the same buffy the same angel the same i am so annoyed grrrrrrr!!!! p.s very grateful that your actully trying some people who say they love dont really d anything i know i have an idea send an email to sci-fi saying its about vamps and love and mick saint john ie alex so if you persade them then you can get them to put it on it is so cool that show I HATE CBS!!

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