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Monday, May 19, 2008

Rob Estes cast as dad on new 90210

Now they’re just not playing fair. The Beverly Hills 90210 spinoff headed to the CW this fall has just cast Rob Estes to play the father.

That move pretty much guarantees that I’ll have to tune in for at least a couple episodes. Estes will play the husband of Lori Loughlin, or the new Jim Walsh, for those of you familiar with the original series.

Estes will play Harry Mills, the principal of West Beverly High. In this version, he has moved his family - his wife and two teenaged children - from Kansas to Beverly Hills to take care of his alcoholic mother.

Estes and Loughlin are certainly a gorgeous couple. Kudos to the CW for pulling off this casting coup. Estes has a large fan base from his days on Melrose Place and Silk Stalkings.


Kim said...

I love Rob! I loved Silk Stockings. I hadn't planned on watching this show, it looked a little too "teeny bopper" for me, but I'm with you Tube Talk Girl. If Rob and Lori are in, so am I.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I'm more interested in Kelly Taylor, and Rob and Lori's characters than I am the teens?

jellybean said...

PERFECT CASTING. I was thinking John Stamos, but Rob Estes is a great choice.

Steph in LA said...

He's really cute. "Jim Walsh" never looked so good.

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