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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Idol Chatter: That was a semi-final?

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O’Neil

Last night on American Idol, the contestants each performed three songs. One that was picked by the judges, one that was picked by the producers, and one they chose themselves. Being that it is the week before the season finale, we thought it would be a really great night. Though it wasn’t all bad, it was one of the more boring and lackluster evenings we have seen lately.

All three contestants did OK, but that is it; they were just ok. David Cook delivered, as always, but it would have been awesome to see him perform like he did when he sang “Billy Jean” or “Be My Baby.” He seemed a little off of his game, almost like he was having voice problems.

David Archuletta was so-so. We seriously did not need to hear him singing “My boo…” Plus, we don’t get Randy’s reactions to him. Is his wacky stage dad paying him off or what? The kid could hum, clog, and play the spoons and Randy would think he was “da bomb.” The problem is David A. seems like a nice kid, but we fear that his dad will be the ruination of him. Just look at other “child” celebrities whose parents pushed and pushed and pushed. We would hate to see David shave his head, get into drugs and drinking, and run around town without his underwear.

Syesha was also another let down of the evening. She could have done so much more, but she didn’t. The “Fever” thing was kind of weird too. This isn’t stripper Idol. Sorry Syesha, you could have really shined with your vocals and it didn’t happen.

Although the songs selections were not entirely up to the contestants, it just could have been better. Sorry folks, but the show did not deliver the semi-final magic that it should have.

Tonight we think that Syesha will be the one sent home. David Cook just has it all and David Archuletta has his dad and every girl under 15, but of course you never really know with this show. Enjoy one of David Cook's performances from last night. He might not have blown us away, but he is still a great artist!


bob said...

I agree, a bit of an anti-climatical semi-finale. Even Cook was lukewarm.

Syesha will go, Archuletta will win.

Anonymous said...

oh man Bob, i hope that you are wrong about Archie. I fear that you might be right, however, i can hope that David Cook will prevail. He is just so YUMMY!!

bethany said...

whoops, i wasnt paying attention and accidently hit publish without writing my name in...so, thanks bob for the comment and please keep reading!!

realitytvjunkie said...

David A's dad is a nut, with him in charge the poor kid doesnt have a chance.

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