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Friday, May 09, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: Ugly Betty adds a baby

by Ashley Gouveia

I’ve learned a few things while I was watching last night’s Ugly Betty. Henry and Betty are way too nice for their own good, Mrs. Meade rocks, and Wilhelmina is evil. OK, I knew the last one, but this episode just confirmed it.

At least last season we got to see a human side to Willie when her daughter showed up. Now, it’s like she is irredeemable. Family used to slightly thaw her frozen heart, but now I don’t think even a blowtorch would do the trick. She had her sister committed and that didn’t keep her up at night. I do love Wilhelmina, when she’s scheming with Marc though. Her line about the biggest comeback since Jesus was hysterical. I just wished Marc would split his screen time with Amanda. I miss those two together.

The main focus of the episode was, of course, Charlie’s baby shower. What was Betty thinking when she thought throwing a shower for Henry’s baby’s mama was a good idea? Charlie was being more obnoxious than ever, and Betty’s head looked like it was going to explode. She was taking on so much and staying in denial that this was all going to work out. Henry was trying to work it out by them seeing each other once every two weeks. Ignacio gave his wise words and told Betty that once you become a father everything changes. Papi knows best!

Another person who gave Betty a wake up call, or rather a pinch, was Claire Meade. I love these two in scenes together. They have such a great bond, and Mrs. Meade isn’t afraid to tell Betty what she thinks. When she was going on and on about all the lengths she was going to for Charlie, Claire told her straight out that she was wasting her time on a relationship that was never going to work.

It was heartbreaking to see Betty watching Henry hold his baby boy after Charlie gave birth in her living room. She knew everything was about to change and that she wasn’t going to be first priority in Henry’s life anymore.

Daniel was back on his downward spiral after Renee left. I find it hard to believe that he was so in love with her after only a few weeks. But this is Daniel we’re talking about. I’ll forgive him for going back to his old ways just because he was so cute when he realized how much his job means to him. Thanks again for your sage wisdom Papi Suarez.

With Betty and Henry on the fence and Wilhelmina planning her comeback to Mode, it should be an exciting few weeks heading to the finale. Now with Eddie Cibrian on the show as Coach Diaz that can only add to my enjoyment. ‘Till next week.

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tube talk girl said...

Love that Eddie Cibrian is back on TV, and what a treat for Invasion fans that his former wife on Invasion was playing Daniel's therapist! Invasion Reunion! Too funny.

ashley said...

I knew she looked familiar. Thanks for that connection Jen!

obxrulz said...

OK, Charlie needs to go! Hate her!

jellybean said...

Coach Diaz...va-va-voom! What a cutie. I hope he sticks around and we get to see Justin choregraph the cheerleading routine.

ashley said...

obxrulz, i agree! She was getting on my last nerve yesterday when she was never happy with anything Betty did. Some say it was the hormones, but she was annoying before that too.

jellybean, I think I like the character of Coach Diaz. It'll be nice to see Hilda on screen more with him. Justin and the cheerleaders would be hilarious!

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