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Monday, May 12, 2008

Reflecting on the Brothers & Sisters Justin/Rebecca kiss

Last night’s Brothers and Sisters had more than one jaw dropper. First, there may be another Walker chlild in the world, named Ryan, not Rebecca, since it was proven that she isn’t a chip off of old William’s DNA.

I did not see the Ryan storyline coming. Bravo writers! The casting wheels in my head are already spinning. I can’t wait to see whom they’re going to get for this part.

The other big shocker was the kiss between Rebecca and Justin. I know this relationship has sparked controversy like nothing I’ve seen since the Janet Jackson Superbowl debacle. But the bottom line is they’re HOT. They’ve had so much chemistry from the minute she stepped foot in the Walker house, that I don’t think I ever really believed they were related.

What I don’t get is why viewers are so angry about a potential Justin/Rebecca romance. Tommy couldn’t have said it better when he stated that the two of them have just always connected. And folks, they are NOT related. So, could you give them a chance? Justin deserves some happiness after his war trauma and drug history.

I’m not sorry Rebecca isn’t a Walker. I think she’ll still be invited and included in all the Walker soirees and this way, she’s free to pursue a potential relationship with Justin. I say bring it on.

I also enjoyed Scotty and Kevin’s commitment ceremony (OK civil union.) Kevin’s right, the former term makes it sound like they’re headed for a straight jacket.

As for those of you in the Washington, D.C. area who e-mailed me to say you didn’t get to see the last minutes of the show due to the storm, I’m so sorry. But, I think I’ve got you up to speed now. There was the aforementioned kiss and a major revelation that William Walker apparently got around more than we thought.


Anonymous said...

I loved the kiss. More please!

Anonymous said...

Dave Annable and Emily Vancamp have sizzling chemistry. Their chemistry and performances have sold me on this pairing. They are truly best friends,and soulmates. I loved the kiss.

Hated the Ryan twist. They should have just had it stay that Holly lied.

jellybean said...

I loved the kiss, too!!!!! More please.

I don't mind the Ryan twist. The mind is reeling as to who it will be.

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