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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tube News

Britney Spears’ ex, Kevin Federline, is scheduled to guest star on One Tree Hill this season. It’s not clear if producers are purposely trying to get people to stop watching or not.

Jennifer Garner is heading to Broadway this fall to star in Cyrano de Bergerac, according to Variety. Garner will star as Roxanne, to Kevin Kline’s Cyrano. Rescue Me hottie Daniel Sunjata will star as the “dumb-but-hot object of Roxane’s affection.” The play opens Nov. 1 and ends Dec. 23 at the Richard Rodgers Theater. In what can only be explained as a strange coincidence, the producer’s name is Susan Bristow.

Veronica Mars' fans, TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has a fantastic new interview up with Kristen Bell. And if you check out his chat, he includes Bell’s comments about the Veronica Mars movie. No, I can’t let it go.

The adorable Smurfs that I spent my childhood Saturday mornings with are finally coming to DVD. Mark your calendars for Dec. 4. Mom, I think you know what I’ll be asking for this Christmas.

A new game show, Temptation, combines two of my favorite things: pop culture and shopping and is debuting in syndication on Sept. 10 (check local listings.) If you can look at a list of celebrities and choose which ones were arrested in 2006, then this is the game for you. A special primetime launch on MyNetworkTV is scheduled for Sept. 5.

The folks at TV.com surveyed more than 4,000 fans for a back-to-school related article to find out which TV high school they’d like to attend. The winner was Sunndydale High School (Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) Um, did these folks ever see an episode of Buffy? That high school was plagued with vampires, demons and evil principals. Sunnydale narrowly beat out Tree Hill High (One Tree Hill) and Smallville High (Smallville.)


Rae said...

OMG! The Smurfs on DVD! That is so great. Hmmm, should I be posting this on a public forum? ;)

tube talk girl said...

RAE!!!! It's so nice to see you at Tube Talk. I've missed you.

It's OK. Let the Smurf love flow. There's no shame here. :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Sunnydale? Death wish much? How about Bayside! Those kids never went to class.

As much as I find guilty pleasure in OTH, KFed is one shark too many. I'm *this* close to walking away from it.

tube talk girl said...

Yes, Jo, where the heck was Bayside? Saved by the Bell had the coolest school and principal.

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