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Friday, August 17, 2007

TV shows now featured in music videos

ABC is finally getting hip to what the crazy kids on You Tube have been doing for two seasons: taking clips from their favorite TV shows and setting them to their favorite songs. In short, they’ve been producing their own fan music videos.

Now, ABC is doing the same. This season, ABC is producing 11 music videos to promote several of its shows, according to Billboard.com. The videos will be available at ABC.com and other video outlets such as iTunes.

The Desperate Housewives are providing the action in Sean Kingston’s hit song Beautiful Girls video. Check it out here.

Ugly Betty and her gang are starring in Betty Girl, a takeoff of pop singer Mika’s Big Girl.

Using videos and music to promote television shows is a brilliant idea. ABC tried it out last year with Grey’s Anatomy, to outstanding results. The Grey’s Anatomy Chasing Cars video made it all the way to the iTunes' top 10 list. The video originally aired during the closing moments of the Grey's season finale.

The only potentially troublesome area of this new idea is that the networks aren’t paying the artists for the song licensing or their already existing video footage. Apparently, since the videos are considered promotionally beneficial for the artist, the artists aren’t requiring payment. I’m wondering how long that will last.

Ironically, some networks bristle when footage of their shows are uploaded to You Tube and remove it promptly, despite that those clips are promoting their own shows. Yes, I can smell the hypocrisy.

Regardless of the behind-the-scenes business negotiations, the end result is satisfying for TV fans. We get to see some of our favorite TV shows accompany some great music.

For those of you who still have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to watch the Chasing Cars Grey’s Anatomy video or just hit play below.

It’s good. But so are some of the fabulous fan-created music videos I’ve seen at You Tube. Some of the best are from Tube Talk’s resident guest columnist Ashley (Commentary With a Co-Ed.) You can watch one of my favorites of her creations by clicking here or hitting play below.

Grey's Anatomy video

Ashley's Smallville video


Melissa said...

I love that Smallville video. *Swoon*

ashley said...

thanks melissa!:) I'm glad you enjoyed it! I just love Clark and Chloe. They just need to get together already,lol.

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