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Friday, August 31, 2007

First look: Tom Selleck on Las Vegas

NBC just released the new cast photos for this season of Las Vegas, and they include the new casino boss, Tom Selleck. He’s joining the show this season, to help fill the void left by the departing James Caan.

I’m a little giddy at the thought of having Selleck back on weekly television. (Yes, I know it’s not 1985, but some childood crushes never go away.)

Plus, he’s starring on my guilty pleasure, Las Vegas, alongside two of my other favorites, Josh Duhamel and Vanessa Marcil. Most of you know about my embarrassing crush on Duhamel, but you probably don’t know that I’ve had a girl crush on Marcil since her days on General Hospital. I can’t help it. She’s “the most beautiful girl in the world.” Just ask Prince.

If any of you have questions for Selleck, please e-mail me or leave them in the comments below. I’m participating in an interview conference call with him in a couple weeks.

Don’t forget to catch the two-hour season premiere of Las Vegas on Friday, September 28 at 9 p.m. ET.

Enjoy the eye candy below!


matt said...

Ask him if we're ever going to get a Magnum P.I. movie that stars him? The clock is ticking!

kelly said...

Tell Tom we love him and it's about time we got to see him on a weekly basis again! Ask him who has been his favorite character to play so far and why?

tube talk girl said...

Thanks for the question, Kelly! I'm excited, too. (As if you couldnt' tell.)

ann said...

Wait...Tom Selleck and Josh Duhamel on the same show together? Every Friday night? That is way too much hotness for this girl to stand! I didn't think this was even possible, but is Mr. Selleck even getting sexier as he ages? My goodness...love that man!

tube talk girl said...

Yep, Ann, it's a delicious combo, isn't it?

Josh, Tom, and James. Nice!

Jen said...

Las Vegas is such a fun show.I am so looking forward to Friday nights this fall on NBC (love Friday Night Lights also)!!Can't wait to see Tom on TV again.Tell him good luck at the Emmy's on the 16th.He got a nom for Sea Change.Hope he wins!Did you see the Emmy's a few years back when Tom presented an award and women in the audience were screaming and whistling so loudly-poor Tom could barely speak?Gotta love it!

tube talk girl said...

Jen, not only do I remember it, I wrote about it in my newspaper column in 2004 it made such an impression on me!

Funny that you should bring it up. Here's the link:


brady said...

The new photos are great! Thanks so much for posting. I can't wait to read more about Selleck joining the show. Keep up the good work, Tube Talk Girl.

Jen said...

My gosh, thanks for the Emmy link. So you saw it too? I thought it was really cute how flustered Tom got with the women screaming. Also, I'll quote you from that column...

"Network executives should take heed: Get this guy back on television. Pronto. It’s obvious he’s still a crowd favorite."

...WOW! You were right on the money with that thought!!Glad to see Tom back.It's been too long!

lawgirl98 said...

Ask him what drew him to the "Jesse Stone" character. Also, what would be his dream movie/TV role? If he hasn't already landed it.

Does he have any regrets for doing/or not doing a certain role or genre?

Oh, and PS, please tell him that "lawgirl98" says he is still FINE!!!!! (And if he would ever like to go to a WVU football game, I'll bump my husband for him!)

tube talk girl said...

lawgirl, *tsk,tsk*, bumping your husband from that choice WVU seat for Tommy. Have you no shame? :)

lawgirl98 said...


Shame? We are talking Tom freaking Selleck!!!! Of course the hubby gets bumped from ONE game.

Besides, I'm sure my husband would understand. Right?

Ummm.... Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know how much fun he has with his new co-stars. I'm a big fan of Vanessa Marcil as well and also want to know if there will be any good stuff between Sam and Cooper this season?

Anonymous said...

So glad to see Tom Selleck on TV again,I love everything he's ever done and feel he's never truly been credited for his acting ability. Will there ever be a Magnum reunion, where we learn how his return to the Navy and raising a daughter worked out? Sandy

Magwriter said...

Sigh...Tom has been warming this girl's heart since I was living on a cold rock in the Atlantic in the '80's...and I vowed to get to Hawaii and meet him. Well, I got to Hawaii allright (7 times) but the big guy had already returned to the mainland.

Have been following his career with others in the Magnum forums, and please tell him we all will not rest until the MOVIE is made, with him as the star.

Hmmm...that's how he came to do Magnum, as he was tied up in a TV contract and couldn't do Raiders...went to another guy, dunno, Harris something!

Just tell him he's still highly sought after as an actor and a person, and it will be great to see him again on a weekly basis, oh and best of luck with Sea Change!

And someday, I hope to meet him!!!


linda said...

Looking forward to seeing big Tom on a regular show every week! Who are the idiots who aren't casting him in Magnum, PI? We want to see Tom and no one else!

When will he make another Western?

Anonymous said...

So where are the individual shots of Tom and Josh? I kept telling my kids that the only thing missing from Las Vegas was Tom Selleck...my reasoning was correct and my wish came true...Cindy

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