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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sneak peek at Survivor

Survivor fans, CBS released information on its new 16 castaways for Survivor: China, premiering Thursday, Sept. 20.

This year, a gravedigger, a professional wrestler, a chicken farmer and a flight attendant are among those stranded in China trying to outwit and outlast the other participants.

Here’s the blurb from the press release:

SURVIVOR: CHINA will feature a cast of 16 Americans who will begin the series amid the bustle of downtown Shanghai before moving to HuangPu Mountain’s Mi Tuo Temple for a Buddhist ceremony where they will be instructed to leave all of their worldly possessions behind. The castaways will then be marooned with the clothes on their back at two separate islands on Zhelin Lake (translation: the Land of 1,000 Lakes) located in the Jiangxi Province. They will split into two tribes, Fei Long (translation: Flying Dragon) and Zhan Hu (translation: Fighting Tiger), and will each be given a copy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War for tribe motivation and assistance throughout the game.

SURVIVOR: CHINA will once again afford each tribe the opportunity to obtain a Hidden Immunity Idolwhich may save someone from elimination at a future Tribal Council. This time, two Hidden Immunity Idols will be in plain sight (one at each camp), although the castaways will not realize this at the start of the game. Each week, the winning tribe of the Reward Challenge will be allowed to kidnap someone from the losing tribe. The person who is kidnapped will receive a note from host Jeff Probst before departing for the enemy camp and will be instructed to give it to one member of the enemy tribe (the kidnapped victim will decide who receives it) in private. The clue will inform this person of the Hidden Immunity Idol located somewhere at their camp. This person must then decide if they wish to share the information with their tribe or keep it to themselves. The kidnapped victim will return to their original tribe at the following Immunity Challenge.

Here is a list of the participants: James Clement, 30; Gravedigger from Lafayette, Louisiana • Dave Cruser, 37; Former model from Simi Valley, California • Jaime Dugan, 22; Student from Columbia, South Carolina • Todd Herzog, 22; Flight attendant from Pleasant Grove, Utah • Erik Huffman, 26; Musician from Nashville • Amanda Kimmel, 23; Hiking guide from Los Angeles • Peih-Gee Law, 29; Jeweler from Marina Del Rey, California • Sherea Lloyd, 26; Elementary school teacher from Atlanta • Denise Martin, 40; School lunch lady from Douglas, Massachusetts • Ashley Massaro, 28; Professional WWE wrestler from East Northport, New York • Chicken Morris, 47; Chicken farmer from Marion, Virginia • Leslie Nease, 38; Christian radio talk show host from Tega Cay, South Carolina • Aaron Reisberger, 32; Surfing instructor from Venice, California • Courtney Yates, 26; Waitress from New York City • Frosti Zernow, 20; Parkour athlete/student from Chicago.


Tim said...

I watched the first two seasons of Survivor, but it's been dead to me for quite some time.

I'm curious about this season, though. I've read The Art of War a few times. I wonder if anyone will incorporate its methods.

tube talk girl said...

The last time I watched Survivor, it was the all-star and I was rooting for Rupert or Rudy.

I think each episode is "the art of war." :)

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