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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Whoop, there it is! Whoopi joins The View

It’s official. Whoopi Goldberg has taken a job at The View.

Barbara Walters made the announcement on Wednesday’s show that Goldberg would take the job as show “moderator” that Rosie O’Donnell vacated earlier this year.

Goldberg joined The View gals briefly Wednesday and said she is most looking forward to the hot topics portion of the show. She’s least looking forward to trying to get a word in between the loquacious ladies. Smart girl.

Goldberg begins her time at the table on Sept. 4.

No word yet if comedian Sherri Shepherd has snagged the other open seat at The View, as rumored.


Lesley said...

Love Whoopi! She's a great choice. She doesn't have a political agenda to push like Rosie did. She seems tolerant of other people's viewpoints, despite whether she agrees with them or not. Good choice!

Mason said...

I think she's good, too, but I hope Sherri Shepherd gets the job, too.

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