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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Commentary with a Co-Ed: It's new to me

Ugly Betty: It's new to me
by Ashley Gouveia

This week, I’ve started a new feature that I like to call: It’s New to Me.

During the fall and spring months, I’ve missed TV shows that most people would break their TiVo for, if it overlooked their favorite tube hour. So I’m taking the summer months to catch up with what I, regrettably, never had time for in the regular season. Also, all you Tube Talk readers can help me decide if I should continue to tune in or just save the time slot for something else.

First up, my ugly confession: I didn’t watch Ugly Betty this season. I know what you’re thinking: “Have you been living under a rock?” No. I really haven’t. The Thursday-night time slot was the deal breaker. I, being the only person in the universe who doesn’t have a DVR or TiVo, had to cut it from my primetime schedule. But, I finally watched the first episode.

When I initially heard about Ugly Betty, I thought the concept of the show sounded promising: an ordinary girl from Queens, NY, who steps into the superficial world of high fashion. America Ferrera is an amazing actress, so I knew she could pull it off. Plus, hello, Eric Mabius. Enough said. I knew I was most likely missing out on a really good hour of TV.

My first reaction after watching the pilot episode was empathy. My heart goes out to Betty. We’ve all got a little bit of Betty in us. (OK, so I don’t own a poncho, but I know I’ve had those ‘foot in mouth’ moments like Betty did when she met that jerk photographer.) All those things that her boss, Daniel, made her do were so awful that I’m surprised she lasted as long as she did before she called it quits. That scene where she put on the outfit at the photo shoot, when all the others laughed at her, was heartbreaking.

Daniel revealed that he, indeed, had a conscience after all and told the photographer to stop. But Betty had had enough and wasn’t going to take it anymore. Go Betty! Of course, Daniel came groveling and begged her to come back. Thankfully, she did. We got to see a little more of Daniel’s nice side, too. I’ve noticed that Daniel pretends to be an intimidating guy, but he’s just as insecure as Betty when he’s around his father.

The music adds a lot to the show. KT Tunstall playing in the end was the perfect song choice. Our heroine, Betty, was walking away, thinking she was on top of the world and tripped right in front of her boss. But, she just picked herself up, smiled, and kept on walking. Good for her!

So, what do you think? Should I stick with the show? Betty fans, what is the pivotal episode that would convince me to watch the entire season? I’d love to know what you think about the show. Also, if there is any other show you can think of that may be "new to me" let me know. Until next time!

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Kim said...

You should definitely watch Ugly Betty. I know Thursdays are crowded, but it's a fun ride. It's not mentally taxing like Lost, it's just fun and really sweet. Ugly Betty rules!

Kara said...

Ashley, Ugly Betty is one of my favorite shows. No TV addict should be without it. :)

ashley said...

i definitely enjoyed the pilot. You're right kim it's a very fun show that you don't have wrack your brain to watch. kara, a lot of my friends would agree with you:) Do you guys have a favorite episode?

Ryan at USC said...

I'm a guy and even I like Betty. Do it Ashley, commit!

ashley said...

Ryan, it looks like i may have to catch up on the entire season:) Is it still going to be on Thursdays at 8? I'm a huge Smallville fan and it gives at the same time:( I think i have to invest in a TiVo or maybe another VCR,lol.

tube talk girl said...

Ashley, I know Thursday nights are impossible. But, you can watch Ugly Betty online for free at ABC. Enjoy!

ashley said...

thanks Jen for letting me know:) That makes it a lot easier!

tube talk girl said...

Just doing my part to suck you in to Betty's wonderful world. (ABC feel free to send my commission check anytime.)

ashley said...


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