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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Commentary with a Co-Ed: "Brothers and Sisters," It's New to Me

by Ashley Gouveia

For this week’s It’s New to Me, I’ve chosen a show that I’ve heard so much about but never watched an episode. I’m talking about ABC’s dysfunctional family drama Brothers and Sisters. I sat down with my box of Kleenex and prepared myself for a tear-jerking forty-something minutes. I know Sally Field stars in it, so I started getting flashbacks of Forrest Gump and knew I’d better be prepared.

The Walker clan seemed like a perfect American family. But, man, do they have problems. In the first episode, they weren’t aware of the secrets that Papa Walker kept from his wife and grown-up children. Sara, one of his daughters, only got an inkling of her father’s shady dealings, before he collapsed into the pool, after suffering a heart attack. I knew the father died in the first episode, so that wasn’t a shocker for me.

During the first thirty minutes, it felt a little slow. I think it might have been due to trying to keep up with all the new characters. However, it did speed up whenever Dave Annable came onscreen. I got to have the eye candy! It’s a key ingredient to any show I watch. What’s also a key factor is the likeability of the characters and their respective storylines. I have to be invested in the characters in order for me to continue to watch.

That only kicked in for me after the Sally Field/Calista Flockhart scene, where Nora (Field) confronted her daughter Kitty (that’s short for something, right?) on the reasons they haven’t spoken in three years. That’s when I grabbed for the Kleenex. Sally Field is amazing! I wished she had more time on screen in the episode. That’s the scene that got me sucked in wanting to find out what happens next.

Kitty’s relationship with her mother and Justin’s storyline are probably the most interesting to me. I know that Emily VanCamp eventually joins the cast, and I am a huge fan from her Everwood days. Actually, this show kind of reminds me of Everwood in some ways. That’s a reason to tune in every week.

What do you think? Do you think I should keep on watching or find something else? B&S fans, what’s your favorite aspect of the show?

Let me know of any show that you think could be ‘new to me.’ I appreciate all the comments from last week. I am now officially hooked on Ugly Betty. Keep them coming! Until next week.

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tube talk girl said...

This one's a keeper Ashley. I know you don't want to hear that after I talked you in to Ugly Betty, but this was one of, if not my favorite drama at times, last year. (Sorry Heroes and Lost.)

I don't know that we actually know what "Kitty" stands for. B$S fans, help me out here???? Am I wrong?

Yes, Tube Talk Girl is asking for TV trivia help. Mark it on the calendar.

ashley said...

Jen, Maybe Kitty stands for Katherine?

I'm glad to hear you like the show. I'm telling you I would just watch for Dave:) Love him!!!

Hilary said...

You should stick with Brothers and Sisters, definitely. It turned out to be one of my favorite shows, besides Friday Night Lights. It's funny and dramatic all at the same time.

I don't know about the Kitty thing either. That's all I've ever heard her called.

Emily779 said...

I love "Justin" too. But, he has such a weird vibe with his new "sister" that it's a little strange. They have crazy romantic chemistry.

big tuna said...

I love Sally Field, too. Wait until you see her smoking pot with Lois Lane. It's hilarious. I think Tube Talk Girl wrote about that episode in one of her weekly wrap ups. If you search the blog, you can probably find it.

Ryan said...

It's just Kitty according to IMDB.

ashley said...

hilary, I was considering doing FNL for my column. That's another show i've heard a lot about.

emily779, I read how Emily VanCamp and Dave have amazing chemisry. It looks like she has a thing for her onscreen siblings,lol. But who woudn't fall for Dave?!

big tuna, thanks for the info! I'll look it up:)

thanks ryan! Maybe it is just Kitty.:)

Tim said...

Frame of reference is a funny thing. I can't believe anyone would use Forrest Gump as their frame of reference for Sally Field. Wow, do I feel old!

Norma Rae, Places in the Heart, Steel Magnolias...and don't forget Smokey and The Bandit (One and Two).

Oh well, at least you didn't say that you remembered her from her work in Legally Blonde 2.

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