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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rescue Me questions and answers

Rescue Me fans, I’ve received your questions and concerns about the show.

Here’s the bad news: I don’t have answers for you; I’m as puzzled as you about where this season is headed.

Here’s the good news: I’ve seen tonight’s episode. The bad news is that it offers no further explanation for Tommy’s odd behavior. It does, as always, offer up some laughs and some good drama.

I’m a devoted fan of the show and haven’t missed an episode since its inception. (What can I say, I like crude, funny drama.) But even I’m having trouble understanding Tommy’s antics this season. And I’m not the only one, according to your e-mails.

It’s no secret that Tommy has been acting strange this year. He dangled baby Wyatt off a bride, jumped off of a roof to show Mike what suicide would look like, and wanders in and out of fires, without gear, constantly saving people with no regard for his own safety. He also got a dog, let go of his Escalade, moved into a roach-infested apartment, and essentially gave/sold Wyatt to crazy Sheila. Yes, he’s dysfunctional, but lately, his dreams, rants, and behaviors are more “dysfunctional” than ever.

I’ve received your e-mails and theories about what you think is happening. Some of you think Tommy is in a coma or quite possibly dead already and all of this is a dream.

I can’t debunk those theories. But, I’m not convinced.

Tonight, Tommy’s scary dreams continue. And this one is a doozie. I’d have the urge to hit the bottle if I were haunted with his dark and twisted thoughts, too. He also has a date with the chief’s daughter, plays some street hockey with the guys, and tries to do some decent parenting. Those aren’t the actions of a dead/comatose guy, right?

But, you’re right; some of the scenes don’t seem to make sense. I’m still perplexed as to why Tommy recently ripped of his shirt to sit at the lunch table with the rest of the guys. If anyone can explain to me why Tommy wanted to eat with his hands, while shirtless and ranting about racism, well, I’d be grateful. Was the scene simply to see a gratuitous shirtless Denis Leary, or was Tommy simply trying to keep his shirt clean from lunch?

I don’t know. I don’t have answers. But, I’ll keep watching with the hope that we’ll find out soon. Feel free to share your theories below for where you think the show is going.


Jeff said...

Those could be stories the guys are telling him, while he's comatose. Maybe Lieu is having to take out the chief's daughter and maybe the rest of the guys are playing hockey.

I think he's in a coma and the baby hasn't even been born yet. Just my theory.

tube talk girl said...

OK, Jeff, that theory makes sense.

And that would explain the weird sex with Gina G's character. Hmmm.....

mirage said...

Tommy has always had a savior complex, so I can see him dreaming these crazy things, if he's out of it.

I think the voice he's been hearing lately is supposed to be Jesus or God.

firefighter39 said...

Jen, there is a whole theory on the Television Without PIty board that the shirtless scene was supposed to symbolize the Last Supper, i.e. eating with his hands and ranting to his disciples.

Many believe he's being depicted as a Christ metaphor this season, dangling the baby over the river, etc...rejecting tempatation. If so, it's flipping brilliant. But, if no one is getting it, then perhaps not.

nannygirl said...

I think he didn't wake up from Sheila's fire. I think he's a burn victim and all of this is going on in his head.

maggiesboy said...

Or he could be hallucinating from alcohol or drugs? I don't know.

spikeme20 said...

I like the Christ metaphor. I think he got burned in the fire and he's dreamed all of this.

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