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Friday, August 17, 2007

Meet Supergirl and other Smallville scoop

Photo: Courtesy of CW. Do not copy.

You’ve heard the buzz. Supergirl is coming to Smallville. And here’s her photo. Nice, huh?

They must have incredible “superior” genes on Krypton. That’s all I’m saying.

In other Smallville scoop, despite the explosion last season, Kristin Kreuk isn’t done yet, according to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello. (Hey, don’t kill the messenger. I want Lana gone, too.)

The good news is that Ausiello would not reveal how long she’ll be “sticking around” or how she’ll be brought back. I vote for one episode and, hopefully, as a ghost. Then, she can join Pa Kent in the ever after.

For those of you suffering from Smallville withdrawals, check out these videos from Comic Con. In the first one, Supergirl discusses her character. In the second, Justin Hartley and Erica Durance discuss their love scenes.


ashley said...

Jen, I have to agree with you regarding lana. Man, can she just stay dead?! I watched the video w/ Supergirl. I'm looking forward to SV's take on such an iconic character. All i can say is: Chlark for season 7!! lol.

tube talk girl said...

Hey Ashley! I just uploaded one of your videos in my next post. Chlark for season 7!

ashley said...

thank you so much Jen:) That's really nice of you to do and say that about my videos! It means a lot to me:)

Mike in Ca said...

Whoa. She's hot! Bring on Supergirl.

kyle xy said...

I'd like to meet Supergirl. He he he he he he he. :)

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