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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Nine pulled again

At this point, I’m starting to feel like Charlie Brown kicking a football. Just when I’m sure I can count on it to be there, Lucy (aka the ABC network) pulls it out from under me.

If you haven’t heard, ABC has yanked the remaining episodes of The Nine from the summer schedule, after they aired only two of them.

The network had previously announced it would air the remaining episodes of the series, so fans could get some closure. But apparently, the two episodes did not score at all with viewers.

My blogger pal Dan (the TV Addict) had asked fans to boycott the return of The Nine to send the network a message that yanking serial dramas before the story is resolved is unacceptable to TV fans, even if the unaired episodes are aired. Considering the abysmal ratings for the show the last two weeks, either Dan has more power than I ever imagined, or you just didn’t care about what happened inside that bank.

UPDATE: ABC is now airing the final four episodes online at its Web site.


big tuna said...

Jen, I didn't fall for it. I knew it wouldn't last long and I didn't want to get sucked in again.

Kara said...

Love the football analogy! Too funny. I fear that as TV audiences, we're going to get the ball pulled out from under us a lot this season. The networks are too hasty to pull shows.

theTVaddict said...

I'd like to think I simply have more power than you ever imagined :)

tube talk girl said...

OK,TV Addict, AKA puppet master. Can you do anything about getting Veronica Mars to the big screen? :)

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