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Friday, February 29, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: One Tree HIll Goes Breakfast Club

by Ashley Gouveia

The meat-locker episode: an hour of television when two or more characters, who are portrayed as enemies or rivals, are trapped in one place and are forced to work out their differences in the meantime. It can also be referred to as The Breakfast Club episode.

Right from the promo, I thought that this week’s One Tree Hill was going to be another classic meat-locker episode. (In promo man’s voice) The old flame vs. the fiancĂ©e.

Peyton and Lindsay were stuck in the library and forced to confess why they hate each other so much. Is there really any reason why Peyton hates her? Lindsay was pretty decent to her when they met. I get that it would be awkward, but if I were her I would be more upset with Lucas. He kissed Peyton and then ran home to propose to his girlfriend. Make up your mind! We all know you want to be with Peyton.

With any good meat-locker episode, there are recollections of the past. I was thrilled to hear mentions of Keith, Jimmy, and the shooting. I miss Uncle Keith! Mouth finally got to cover the Ravens game for his job, but missed his sports announcing partner. I laughed when Tim showed up as the pizza-delivery guy. He’s another one we haven’t seen in a while. I always laughed at his peculiar man crush on Nathan. Turned out, Tim has a son and named him Nathan, which caused Haley and Brooke to look away awkwardly.

Little Jamie Scott continues to steal every scene he’s in. How cute was he when he was wrapping his wrist up with Quentin before the big game? The slow-motion team walkout, with Jamie in tow, was hysterical. I’d rather see scenes with him than Kevin Federline any day.

Lucas and Nathan confided in each other about their problems. Nathan told him about the kiss from Nanny Carrie. I kind of expected a bigger reaction from Lucas than we got. I was disturbed that Nathan didn’t tell Haley about it. He should have gone ahead and fired her for being so obvious in her intentions. Haley, next time hire Mrs. Doubtfire! I can only hope that the nanny goes far, far away. She’s probably the most hated character by most of the Tree Hill fans.

All of you know that I can’t talk about OTH without talking about music. Tuesday’s episode had some good ones. Mia sang most of the songs that were featured, but in the final moments we heard a song from my favorite band. “Broken” by Lifehouse (awesome song!) played when the girls, and Tim, were let out of the library. I had a feeling Tim knew they weren’t really locked in. He broke my heart though when he told him he did that because he missed them. Aww! Apparently, no one kept in touch.

Next week, it’s all about Dan! Maybe we will finally find out what happened to Deb. Weigh in on this week’s One Tree Hill. Liked it, hated it? Are you hating the nanny storyline as much as me? ‘Til next week!

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Kim said...

I'm so sick of Peyton and her wishy-washiness. She has been so horrible to Lindsay. I hope Lucas stays with Linds and gets over PSawyer soon.

ashley said...

kim, i'm with you there. Granted, Lucas has been all over the place when it comes to Peyton. He never should have given her the utimatum about getting married.
If he truly loved her i think he would have understood that she was too young. Like Brooke said, "This isn't Naley." lol.

Anonymous said...

I hate the nanny.

ashley said...

me too!

Sam21 said...

I can't stand Peyton. She is such a B&^%$! She has been so rude to Lindsey. Petyon dumped Lucas, she cheated with him when he was her best friend's boyfriend, etc. This girl is all about Me, Me, Me, when she isn't boo-hooing about her dead mother. I was hoping Lindsay or Haley or someone would smack her in the library when she was going off on Lindsay and her dad. I wish Peyton would have stayed in LA.

ashley said...

sam21, my frustration with the character of Peyton hit an all time high in this episode. She was being really rude and immature towards Lindsay. I think a lot of her anger should be towards Lucas and herself. Jake should just come back and hook back up with her. They were the cutest:)

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