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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Idol Chatter: Atlanta and the end of auditions

by Becky Tennant and Bethany O’Neil

It is week four of American Idol, and we are singing “Halleluiah” that this part of the auditions are finished! While a week, maybe two, of city-to-city auditions are fine, more than three weeks is just too much for us. We say, “Bring on Hollywood!”

Wednesday night was a montage of the “best and worst” from the auditions so far. The Three’s Company segment, with the twins Chris and Cory and the girl Ashley, was too much for us. At least those three have each other and their looks. We could have done without it, but it’s a time killer, and we admit the dog was cute.

Atlanta, as a whole, was not too bad to watch. We got to meet Ryan’s parents. Weren’t they just cute? And we were serenaded by some really good singers.

One of our top picks from Tuesday night was Amanda Overmyer. She is a rocker, biker, nurse chick with a totally awesome hairdo. She brings the rock persona that Gina Glockson tried to bring last season, and she has a really good voice to top it off. We will see her in the top 24!

There were several other ladies that impressed: From Atlanta, Alexandrea Lushington, Brooke “Ms. Southern Florida Fair” Helvie, and Asia’h Epperson.

Asia’h impressed the judges with her vocal talents, and also brought everything in perspective with the story of her dad’s passing, just days before the auditions. We see her doing excellent in Hollywood.

Another sad story of the evening came from Josiah Leming. Josiah is from Tennessee but has called his Ford Tempo home for over 10 months now. He seemed to have things together, though, and we were looking forward to his audition. We ended up being very disappointed. While the judges liked him, we were a bit turned off by the English accent he has when he sings. You are from Tennessee, not Britain! Don’t try to act like Chris Martin. He got a “yes” from the judges, but a thumbs down from us; we don’t see him getting too far in the Hollywood round.

Overall, Atlanta added 20 more hopefuls to the Hollywood list, which brings the Hollywood total to 172 contestants vying for the Top 24.

We are so excited that this part of the show is FINALLY over with. Hollywood will definitely bring out the best and worst of the contestants and hopefully this year, Paula, Randy, and Simon will pick a Top 24 that is actually worthy to be called the Top 24!

Enjoy this montage from Tuesday nights show, featuring Fergie’s song “Glamorous.” It is just too funny. Thankfully this will be the last one of these for another year!


Alice said...

I love the "Frosty" girl!

jangodarkblade said...

That was disturbing, even for me.

kara said...

I can't wait to get to the singing! The real singing.

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