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Monday, February 04, 2008

Nip/Tuck or Nip YUCK?

by Jennifer Squires Biller

There is pushing the envelope and then there’s Nip/Tuck.

If you’ve been reading Tube Talk the past few months, you know I’ve been singing the praises of Nip/Tuck again, after it got off track a couple seasons ago with that whole demented Carver storyline. The show moved to Los Angeles and seemed to get back to what attracted viewers in the first place: the complex characters we love.

That was until Tuesday’s episode.

That episode pushed the squeamish bar so far that at times it was unwatchable. If a mutilated corpse, graphic surgeries, a cannibalism story, a disturbing murder admission to a child, and hammertoes weren’t enough to send your hand covering your eyes, then the scene where a man was killed, as he was stuffed like a teddy bear, surely would have.

The episode was so over-the-top disturbing that I thought for a moment I was watching the Nip/Tuck of two years ago.

My biggest complaint with the show through the years is that Sean and Christian never seem to get involved with “normal” people. Almost every woman introduced in the past three years has been a complete wacko. Are there no normal people in Miami or L.A. who don’t have sex obsessions, stalker personalities, or murder on the mind? Come on.

Nip/Tuck is at its best when it gets back to the basics: the characters we love - Sean, Julia, Christian and Liz - not the over-the-top crazies that seem to continuously come and go through the revolving door. The real story of Nip/Tuck is between Sean and Christian and how they can ever get past the fact that Christian fell for his best friend’s wife. (At least I thought he had.) It seems now that the woman Christian has coveted for the past 20 years is now just like any other to him, disposable.

I don’t get it. And I don’t get why the show suddenly is going back down this ridiculous dark road of psychopaths. We all know where it leads. Before long, Sean and Christian will be headed to the swamp with a trunk full of hams.


OBXrulz said...

Jennifer, you are right on, again. I started the season loving the show. Watching the flip-flop dynamic between Christian and Sean was so good. I even love the Rosie O'Donnell antics. But crazy Eden and Gina and agent woman. Yuck!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't get why Christian is acting this way with Julia either. He's been madly in love with her for 20 years or whatever. When he finally gets her, now he's acting like an ass? It's weird.

frankie said...

You make an interesting point about all the wacko women. The last decent woman we had was that brunette doctor in season one? who was the psychotherapist lady. I loved her. She was normal. I thought she had great chemistry with Christian, but apparently she was too "normal" to stick around.

tube talk girl said...

Frankie, I believe you're referring to Valerie Cruz, who played Grace Santiago. I loved her, too. She was stable, if I recall correctly. It was nice to finally see a strong, educated, woman instead of the crazy loons we normally get.

Becky said...

This episode was really CREEPY!!!
I really hope this doesn't start a trend. It was just downright GROSS!

Seth said...

LMAO at your ham line, Jen. That was a crazy scene. I had forgotten about that. Ewww!

nath_triff said...

it was gross and i did gasp a little but you have to admit that sharon gless who plays coleen rose may be a complete pyshotic bitch but she is doing a freaking fantastic job at it. she deserves an emmy nomination. dont you think?

tube talk girl said...

Sharon is beyond creepy in that role! Yikes! She may get an Emmy nod for it. Who knows? It's a tough field though because there are so many guest stars these days on prime time TV.

Alyssa said...

Come on. Creepy and pushing the limits of everything is what makes the show amazing. without the crazy women it would be boring. please dont stereotype a good tv show and then praise all the terrible ones. honestly, it comes down to what different demographics like, and if you dont, its cool, but i find it insulting, what youve all said.

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