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Friday, February 15, 2008

Commentary With a Co-ed: A super Supernatural

“It was the heat of the moment!”

I never thought I would hear that much Asia in the span of 40-something minutes. I can’t say that I minded it though, because we got an amazing, edge of your seat Supernatural episode last night. Now I know those words get thrown around a lot when taking about suspense or horror flicks. But believe me, this was way better than any slasher movie.

There was so much more in the episode than I thought there was going to be originally. Sam was told that Dean was his weakness, and that it would be the death of him. That wasn’t the surprising part. The trickster demon was the one who told him. Remember him, from season two? I was looking for some clue to who was responsible for the time loop, and I went through everyone in the diner: the waitress, the guy who could only pay for coffee, and the old man; I didn’t think it was the trickster.

Sam said he had been through 100 Tuesdays. That’s insane and a whole lot of Pig N’ A Poke. I was laughing out loud at so many of Dean’s unfortunate mishaps. (The piano, the sausage.) But my favorite had to be the dog. “Hey, buddy. Somebody need a friend?” *cue Asia*

I was laughing one minute, and then I was crying. Sam and Dean finally made it to Wednesday but then the coffee guy shot Dean. We got to see what seemed like weeks or months go by with Sam living on, without his brother. His obsession over killing the trickster made Sam cold and broody. Me like! Especially when Sam had to tear his shirt to clean his wound. OK, shallow commentary over.

The scene that had me screaming at the television was the one with Bobby and Sam. For a minute, I thought he killed Bobby. No, not Bobby! I can’t take another sacrifice. The trickster was a jerk but he was right about the suckiness of the sacrifice. All it causes is more blood and pain. It also causes pain for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to add another “death” to his list of credits. Which causes more pain for me! It’s six degrees of Papa Winchester.

This was one amazing episode. Although, that isn’t a shocker for me or any die hard Supernatural fan. Every week is top quality. But this one definitely raised the bar. I love those Winchester boys!

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wwg said...

Nice commentary! You make writing look so easy.

I thought some more about the moral of this episode and I think I have a theory. I posted it as an update to the "Mystery Spot" review. I'd appreciate your thoughts. :)

ashley said...

thanks wwg:)

I'll be sure to check it out!!

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