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Friday, February 22, 2008

Commentary with a Co-ed: Let's Talk Lost

by Ashley Gouveia

I was just getting over the idea that Sayid is working for Ben in the future, and then we learned that Kate’s a mommy. I assumed that the writers were going to drag it along and make it a ‘Who’s the baby’s daddy?’ guessing game. But I should know better that when it comes to Lost. Nothing is what it seems.

Let me start off by saying that I’m so glad Lost is back. These flash-forwards are awesome and so much more intriguing than the flashbacks. At least with these we get a glimpse to what life’s like after the island. According to Hurley, there are six of the famous Oceanic Six survivors. I’m not that great at math but that doesn’t sound too good for some of our Losties.

One castaway that I wouldn’t mind not making that six, is Locke. The guy creeps me out! I used to feel bad for him because he didn’t have a kidney and his father was a big loser. But when he went Rambo on my Charlie last season, that’s when he lost my sympathy. He’s gone all dictator on his own little Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Who is he kidding? Ben got it right; he has no idea what he’s doing. He’s too busy trying to find phantom Jacob and the ghostly cabin. When are we going to find out what that’s all about?

I’m happy to report there were no black horses in sight in this Kate centered episode. She was still in trouble with the law though. That’s when she let the bomb drop that she has a son. What? Was that the ‘he’ she was referring to when she had her talk with Jack in the season finale? I automatically thought Sawyer was the baby’s daddy. Then halfway through the episode I changed my mind and thought it was Doc Shepherd. Especially the end scene when Kate said she knew why he didn’t want to see the baby.

My mind was reeling trying to figure out what could be the reason for Jack wanting to stay away. He does have daddy issues of his own, so no wonder he’d keep his distance. It’s revealed that the baby’s name is Aaron. Yep, Claire’s Aaron. Where does that leave Claire? I’m thinking in a not so good place. First my Charlie and now possibly Claire. Jack can’t face his half sister’s son for some reason. I’m still waiting for that secret to come out.

What’s interesting is that there is no Sawyer in sight during Kate’s flash-forwards. I’m still calling him Sawyer even though about half the cast is calling him James. I can’t get used to it. The name just fits him so well. Poor Sawyer. All he really wants is to play house with Kate. She doesn’t seem like she’s up for it. They won’t get a chance anyway, because Locke banished her after she let Miles talk to Ben.

The so-called rescue is at a stand still. That’s not so shocking. Maybe Miles is right and they should stick to the island. Who knows if they actually survived the crash?

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