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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Scrubs moving to ABC?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is currently in negotiations to produce 18 episodes of Scrubs for next season.

I say, “It’s about time.”

ABC has produced Scrubs for NBC since 2001, a deal I’ve never understood. During that time, NBC treated Scrubs like an afterthought for most of its run, with constant schedule changes and the threat of cancellation, year after year, that left fans frustrated.

This was supposed to be the final season for Scrubs. Its episode orders were cut from 18 to 12 due to the writers’ strike, and fans fear that the show will not get a proper ending.

The final five original episodes of Scrubs left to air this season will air on NBC starting April 10.

As for next season on ABC, TV Guide is reporting that the whole cast is on board, including Zach Braff, if the show truly makes the jump to ABC.

I wish Scrubs would have aired on ABC for the duration of its run, and then perhaps it would have received the promotion and respect it deserved. It seemed like the show was never a priority at NBC, perhaps because another network was producing it. Or perhaps, if it had aired on ABC all those years ago, it would have been cancelled long ago. Who knows?

The bottom line is we’ll get to see more of grouchy Dr. Cox, “Chocolate Bear,” Ted and the gang.


Steph in La said...

Here, here! It should have been on ABC all along. I never understood it either!

Anonymous said...

I thought Zach was done after this year??? I wonder how they got him to change his mind?

Nick said...

This is great news for Scrubs fans.

NBC is really ticking a lot of fans off with the Las Vegas cancellation, the FNL impending cancellation, and Silverman's comments about 30 Rock. I say bring on the alphabet network, so I no longer have to watch NBC. Wait, they've still got The Office. Damn it.

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